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Inkscape extension to generate drill gcode compatible with 3D printer firmwares
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BASTL Drill Tool

Inkscape extension to generate drilling gcode compatible with 3D printer firmwares. In the first place oriented to Repetier firmware.


  • supports Repetier compatible g-code and Excellon format
  • circles from drawing (up to specified diameter) are exported (no ellipses, arcs or paths are exported)
  • rich options enable fine control of drilling process

Following options are available:

  • Output Format: type of output fiies - Excellon or g-code
  • Unit: units used in output file (mm or in).
  • Maximum Drill Diameter: Maximum diameter of circle. Bigger circles will not be included in drill plan
  • Filename: name of output file

Following options apply only to g-code output:

  • Spindle ON Command: command to turn on spindle (including speed specification)
  • Spindle OFF Command: command to turn off spindle
  • Tool Change Command: command to allow tool change
  • Additional initialization: additional initialization (in case we want keep default Program Header)
  • Message Command: command to display message on LCD display
  • Drill Height: height the holes will be drilled to (usually negative).
  • Safe Height: safe height to horizontally move the drill head
  • Tool Change Height: height on which can be tool changed
  • Drill Speed: drill speed (Z axis)
  • Retract Speed: retraction speed (Z axis)
  • Transport Speed: move speed (X and Y axes) at safe height
  • Program Header: initialization sequence
  • Program Footer: termination sequence

If Program Header of Program Footer are left empty reasonable and safe defaults are used.

Multiline commands are supported. Vertical bar (|) can be used as command separator` it will be replaced by newline in output file.

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