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Tool to convert excellon files to 3D printer compatible g-code
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Tool to convert excellon files to 3D printer compatible g-code


  • creates Repetier compatible g-code from Excellon format

  • supports metric or imperial units for both input and output

  • rich options enable fine control of drilling process

      Usage: [options] <filename>
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -f OUTPUT_FILE, --file=OUTPUT_FILE
      			Name of output file; if not specified stdout is used
      -u UNIT, --unit=UNIT  Output unit (mm or in); if not specified the unit used
      			in input file is preserved
      -x MAXSIZE, --maxsize=MAXSIZE
      			Maximum drill diameter (mm or in)
      --header=GHEADER      Program header
      --footer=GFOOTER      Program footer
      			Spindle ON Command
      			Spindle OFF Command
      --init-cmd=INIT_CMD   Additional initializatiom
      --tool-cmd=TOOL_CMD   Tool Change Command
      --msg-cmd=MSG_CMD     Display Message Command
      			Drill Height (mm or in)
      			Safe Height  (mm or in)
      			Tool Change Height  (mm or in)
      			Drill speed (mm/min)
      			Retract speed (mm/min)
      			Move speed (mm/min)

If Program Header of Program Footer are left empty reasonable and safe defaults are used.

Multiline commands are supported. Vertical bar (|) can be used as command separator` it will be replaced by newline in output file.

Predefined valuse can be stored in configuration files:

  • file named exc2gcode in current directory
  • file named .exc2gcode in user's home directory (~/.exc2gcode or %USERPROFILE%\.exc2gcode, depends on operating system)

First the file in user's home directory is processed, then file in current directory is processed and finally command line arguments are applied. Configuration file format is straightforward - name of long command line option separated from value by colon, one option per line:

header:G92 X0 Y0 Z0|G90
tool-cmd:M226 P11 S0
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