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Repository for my journey through the #7languages7weeks challenge, plus blog.

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This is the blog branch for the 7languages7weeks repository.

What is the #7langauges7weeks challenge?

@sermoa proposed this yesterday (2011-06-10) in a blog post.

Want to participate in the #7languages7weeks challenge?

If you "sign up" on the Google Docs web form now (in the blog post) then you can join this group in the challenge. Otherwise you can do this with your coworkers, peers or friends together at a different time. To get started you can:

  • Fork the mbbx6spp/7languages7weeks repository repository on Github.
  • Read the on the master branch to understand the repository layout.
  • Make changes to the following files on the master branch:

    • - inside the file there are sections with marked instructions beginning with '--' at the beginning of the line that will explain what needs to be changed and where.
  • Switch branches to the gh-pages branch and change the following files:

    • _config.yml - this configures how Jekyll will generate your weblog for the challenge.
    • Remove all files inside the _posts directory.
    • Modify the content of the index.html file.
    • (Optionally) Modify the layout files to your tastes.
  • Now learn how to install and use Jekyll for your blogging purposes from these resources:

DO NOT commit passwords or anything else that is private into this repository because it will be publicly accessible via Git (and GitHub web views)!


Based on the HTML5 Boilerplate project with Jekyll integration.

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