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Two Makefile targets added: analyze & console.

* The new analyze target run dialyzer on the project.
* The new console target opens a new erl REPL console with the path
prepended with the project and all dependency ebin and include subdirs.
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1 parent be024ce commit 4f6aaee4c75c6d7fdf657a2629d7473ac536b77f @mbbx6spp committed Feb 7, 2011
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6 project_Makefile
@@ -30,3 +30,9 @@ doc:
for app in $(APPS); do \
cp -R apps/$${app}/doc doc/$${app}; \
+ rebar skip_deps=true analyze
+ erl -pa deps/*/ebin deps/*/include ebin include -boot start_sasl

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