Syntax file for Haskell's cabal syntax file
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Haskell Cabal Plugin

WARNING: This is a fork of the original syntax-only cabal vim plugin. This fork will include :Cabal commands to automate the running of Cabal commands within vim and opening the errors and output using vim's builtin buffer types to make integration as seamless as possible.

If @Twinside (who originally wrote the Cabal syntax file) wishes to incorporate my changes into his repository he may. I just want to be clear that this is not just going to be a syntax file so it may change the way your existing vim setup works more than just syntax highlighting of .cabal files. Be warned.


  • Just drop syntax/cabal.vim in your ~/.vim/syntax or ~/vimfiles/syntax
  • use pathogen and clone this repository in your ~/.vim/bundle or ~/vimfiles/bundle


  • Syntax file was authored by Vincent Berthoux (Twinside)
  • All other work was authored by Susan Potter (mbbx6spp)


  • The syntax file is licensed under ???? license and is copyrighted by Vincent Berthoux, 2010-2011.
  • All other code in this repository is licensed under the BSD 3-clause and is copyrighted by Susan Potter, 2011.