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The mbeddr core. An extensible C
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Latest commit f8ef80a @slisson slisson GrammarCells: In some cases the reshuffling is not applied after repl…
…acing an operator

When the BinaryExpression has no parent Expression.

Fixes #1292

Mbeddr core

To install: please, visit for instructions!

mbeddr aims at creating a different way of developing embedded software systems. Instead of using archaic modeling tools and manually written C code, we use the open source JetBrains MPS language workbench to create an integrated approach to embedded development, where C programming, DSLs, domain specific extensions to C, product line variability, requirements traceability and model checking are supported directly.

At this point we are well ahead in developing an implementation of C in MPS which can then be used as a basis for domain-specific extensions. The development progress can be see from our blog page.

For more details please visit

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