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1.0 RC1 Pre-release
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This is first release candidate of mbeddr 1.0. It is the first mbeddr release based on MPS 3.2.
In addition to general bugfixes new features of this release are:

  • JUNG Graph framework
  • Graphical state machines
  • Graphical component wiring
  • Signed bit types
  • Improved string handling
  • Explicit implementation of function prototypes from external module (@implements annotation)
  • General generator speedup
  • C90 compatible code generator support (limited but sufficient for most compilers)
  • Lots of new features in the mbeddr platform (Unique Names, rich strings and many more)

You can get MPS 3.2.1 from JetBrains:

We provide the following packages:

  • com.mbeddr.allInOne: all plugins, to be installed into your own existing MPS
  • com.mbeddr.tutorial: the tutorial project plus the mbeddr user guide written with the mbeddr documentation language
  • mbeddr-distribution: the plugins plus the tutorial in one ZIP file
  • mbeddr-IDE-*: a striped down MPS with all the plugins installed; no previous MPS installation needed; does not offer full support for developing language extensions
  • mbeddr-platform: MPS utilities developed by the mbeddr team, independent of the C; see