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tryton-server-gnuhealth Upgrading the setup for the current version 3.0 of GNUHealth. Mar 29, 2016

Docker Setup for GNUHealth Demoserver

This Docker Setup provides a quick and easy way to get a GNU Health demo server up and running with only a few steps. Furthermore this docker setup may be used as a base to create your own docker based environment for production use.

This build is based on the official docker images

using packages from Debian Tryton Maintainers and providing the images

and using

for the definition of the application setup and spin up of the test environment.

The images are automatically built from GitHub.



You need a running docker server and curl for downloading some files. On a Debian based system this means running

sudo apt-get install curl

Add the user that will use docker (i.e. yourself) to the docker group

sudo useradd myuser docker

Note: You may have to relogin before the group settings will take effect.

Get docker-compose on a recent Debian system with

sudo apt-get install docker-compose

or install docker-compose refering to the installation page e.g.

curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` > /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose


Create a working directory

mkdir ~/gnuhealth
cd gnuhealth

Fetch the definition file

curl -o ./docker-compose.yml


docker-compose up

and get yourself a cup of coffee...

The first setup will take some time for

  • downloading the images
  • importing the GNU Health Demo database

Subsequent calls to docker-compose up will run much faster. Stop the servers with Ctrl+C.

As soon as the servers have started up you can connect with the Tryton client using the credentials as described in the GNU Health documentation with the only difference that you put in your own machine as the server (localhost, if you are running the client on the same machine)

Server: <your_machine>:8000
Database: health30
User name: admin
Password: gnusolidario

Note: The version of the Tryton client must match the version of the server (3.8.x). A suitable client can be installed from distribution packages of your distribution or from the Tryton download site for OS X or Windows binaries.

For Debian systems please refer to packages from for the procedures to install the correct version.

Building and running from source


Authors and Credits

This setup was made by MBSolutions in the hope, that it may be useful for the GNU Health users. Thanks to the GNU Health project for providing this free Health and Hospital Information System.

Parts of this setup were adopted from


For any questions about this image and docker setup you may contact us at support.