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How to Contribute

Reporting Issues / Submitting Feature Requests

  • If you have found a bug, create an issue on GitHub
  • If you want to submit a feature request, send an email to Mike (


  • Check the issue tracker to find out if the problem has already been reported. If you find the problem on the tracker, add additional details.
  • Create an issue on GitHub
    • Clearly describe the issue, and include steps to reproduce it (really important in case of a bug)
    • Do not forget to include the version number, debug output, etc.
  • Fork the repository on GitHub
  • Create a feature branch in Git
    • Do not directly work on the master branch to avoid conflicts if you pull updates
    • Typically, you would create a branch from the master branch (e.g. to fix a bug or implement a new feature)
    • Use a descriptive name that explains the new branch's intent
  • Make sure your changes meet the quality requirements:
    • Follow the build instructions, the build (project source and site) must build without errors or warnings
    • Avoid bad coding practices like duplication, global state, excessive external dependencies, etc pp
    • Dependency versions must be specified in a DependencyManagement section
    • The new code compiles cleanly with the SCA tools that are configured in the Maven build
    • The new code has >85% test code coverage, and in particular the critical paths are thoroughly tested
    • Review all of your changes before committing (e.g. git diff to review your changes, and git diff --check to check for unnecessary whitespace)
  • Commit: Use descriptive commit messages
    • The first line should be a descriptive sentence what the commit is doing, allowing a reviewer to fully understand what the commit does by just reading this single line
    • Include reference to ticket number, prefixed with #, at the end of the first line
    • If the commit is non-trivial, the single line summary should be followed by a blank line and an enumerated list with the details of the commit.
    • Add keywords to the commit, like Review by @gituser if you want to notify someone to review the changes
  • Open a Pull Request on GitHub, and use the CLI to attach the pull request to an existing issue.
  • Your code will be reviewed and the Pull Request will be merged into the master branch.

Example for a Commit Message

Added a new interface and factory for generic non-SQL database connections. Fixes #12345

  * Details how the interface works (review @mbeiter)
  * Details how the factory works


Project Specific

GitHub Resources

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