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MiniDBI - a simple database interface for Rakudo Perl 6
-The roadmap for DBI v2 L<>
-published in November 2004 laid out database plans for Perl 5 and 6.
-Specifically there is a Parrot DBDI project that will give the same DBD
-facilities to all Parrot based languages. See also
-Because no code is available yet, MiniDBI plans to temporarily fill the
-gap, being a subset of the Perl 5 DBI v1 in Perl 6. Although this not
-on the DBI v2 roadmap, let's say if it looks like a DBI, and it talks
-like a DBI, then it is a DBI. The links above suggest that some of the
-development done here might even become part of the official DBI v2!
+The MiniDBI project provides a simple database interface for Perl 6.
+It's not a port of the Perl 5 DBI and does not intend to become one.
+It is, however, a simple and useful database interface for Perl 6 that works
+now. It looks like a DBI, and it talks like a DBI (although it only offers
+a subset of the functionality).
Until there is a benefit in doing it otherwise, the MiniDBD drivers stay
@@ -38,6 +33,11 @@ and non portable operations.
=head1 ROADMAP
Add some DBDs. Improve the test suite. Attract more contributors.
+We'll add a driver for the DBDI project (L<>)
+once it has sufficient functionality. Then the existing drivers would be
+migrated to become DBDI drivers. Once DBDI and driver functionality has reached
+a suitable level a full port of DBI can be built over DBDI.
=head1 STATUS
The MySQL driver performs CRUD operations. Testing with production data
is urgently needed. Testers, please volunteer!

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