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# for Pod::Tree::Pod6 and Pod::Tree::<emitters>
# Try it out: (without leading '# ', with your perl6)
# cd /tmp; rm -rf podtreeparser # or choose your alternative to /tmp
# git clone git://
# cd podtreeparser && perl6 Configure.p6 && make test
# Chat with the author and P6 developers in #perl6 at
# Bugs:
# These Pod tools may give errors running with certain revisions of
# Rakudo. Rakudo and the Pod tools are undergoing rapid development.
# The most recent successfully tested Rakudo revision is Parrot r37794.
# Configure.p6 replaces <TOKENS> when converting -> Makefile
# Variables PERL6LIB and PERL6BIN not used in this Makefile.
# make-fu from
SOURCES=$(wildcard lib/Pod/Tree/*.pm) $(wildcard lib/Test/*.pm)
PIRS=lib/Test.pir $(
# define how to precompile a module from its source
.SUFFIXES: .pm .pir
.pm.pir: $(PERL6) Makefile
@echo 'precompile $< -> $@'
@export PERL6LIB=./lib; $(PERL6) --target=pir --output=$@ $<
all: $(PIRS)
# avoid duplication - precompile the Test module from the Parrot source
lib/Test.pir: $(RAKUDO_DIR)/ $(PERL6) Makefile
@echo 'precompile $(RAKUDO_DIR)/ -> lib/Test.pir'
@$(PERL6) --target=pir --output=lib/Test.pir $(RAKUDO_DIR)/
test: all $(PERL6)
@echo 'starting prove --perl="$(PERL6)" --recurse t'
@export PERL6LIB=./lib; $(PERL6) bin/prove --perl='$(PERL6)' --recurse t
@find . -name '*.pir' -exec rm {} ';'
@find . -name '*~' -exec rm {} ';'
realclean: clean
@rm Makefile
# List the targets to be made by users
@echo ''
@echo 'You can make the following targets:'
@echo ''
@echo 'help - this list. See also: head --lines=14 Makefile'
@echo 'all - compiles .pm files to .pir for faster loading'
@echo 'test - runs prove on the t/*.t scripts'
@echo 'clean - removes .pir and editor backup files'
@echo 'realclean - clean, and remove Makefile'
@echo ''
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