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Elvis for Debian
This package contains Elvis 2.2_0.
Elvis' manual is located in /usr/share/elvis/manual (elvis.html) and you
can read it as well with your browser as with Elvis itself (start Elvis,
type :h and hit Return).
If you want to bypass Elvis' global configuration then put your own
setup files into ~/.elvis - see chapter 10 in the manual for further
information. The elvis.ali file includes an alias for this purpose, see
:h customize.
If you just want to change some default settings then creating .elvisrc
in your home directory should suffice (:mkexrc can do this for you).
If you use Elvis (the termcap interface) within a dark xterm, you'll
probably get "wrong" colors (e.g. normal text will appear black, so
you can't read it).
You can solve this problem either by setting the background
option to "dark" in your configuration file or by setting the
environment variable ELVISBG to "dark".
Further information:
This package brings along some icons:
/usr/share/pixmaps/elvis_32x32.xpm (used by the menu system)
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