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313 lines (312 sloc) 7.308 kB
$1 - $2 version leaked
$1 - buffer disappeared, undo/redo not freed
$1 - undolnptr version leaked
$1 bytes skipped
$1 called with bad arguments
$1 doesn't allow address 0
$1 doesn't exist
$1 doesn't use addresses
$1 exists
$1 fewer lines
$1 filename is unsafe
$1 is a boolean option
$1 is a directory
$1 is an alias.
$1 is illegal during initialization
$1 is illegal in vi mode
$1 is locked
$1 is not a boolean option
$1 is not a file
$1 is unsafe
$1 is used internally by elvis
$1 lines changed
$1 lines deleted
$1 lines joined
$1 lines pasted
$1 lines yanked
$1 modified, not saved
$1 more lines
$1 more lines yanked
$1 must be between $2 and $3
$1 must be between 0 and $2
$1 must be number
$1 must be one of {$2}
$1 not a remote url
$1 only works on window's main buffer
$1 pages
$1 readonly
$1 requires a file name
$1 requires a numeric argument
$1 requires a numeric value
$1 requires an argument
$1 requires both a buffer name and a line number when there is no window
$1 requires destination
$1 requires two arguments
$1 substitutions on $2 lines
$1 unreadable
$1 unwritable
$1$1 can't use 'w' or 'x' flags with an empty regexp
$1$2 excessive 'w' or 'x' flags
$1$2 incsearch doesn't support line deltas
$1$2 unknown flag $3
$1(list($2)) incomplete regexp
$1(list($2)) no match
$1,$2 = ($2-$1+1) lines
$1,$2: file still open from $3,$4
$1: no such session, errno=$2
'$1 in other buffer
'$1 unset
'$1' (hex($2) $2 octal($2))
(buflines) lines
+$1 $2 $3
, nMin=0, nMax=$1, nPage=$2, nPos=$3
-courier requires a font size
-geometry requires a size and/or position
:normal switched windows
:normal vi command failed
<< and >> only partially implemented
Can't use images for foreground
Cygwin mount table contains malformed entries
Flags: -V Verbose -- give more status information
For more information about user interfaces, give the command 'elvis -G?'
Invalid GUI (gnome) menu command
Invalid GUI (gnome) menubar command
Invalid GUI command
NUL not allowed in file name
Ported to (os) by $1
Report bugs to $1
TERM=$1 unknown
Usage: elvis [files]...
User interfaces: $1
alias names must be alphanumeric
already in use
anchor $1 not found
another buffer already has that name
args must be \$1 through \$$1
background color can't be bright
bad >>
bad argument to :z
bad autocmd event name
bad character literal
bad color notation $1
bad command name $1
bad cut buffer
bad cutbuf $1
bad delta
bad display mode $1
bad elvis.bdf
bad line number
bad lptype
bad mark name
bad operator $1
bad option $1
bad option name $1
bad path $1
bad percentage
bad range
bad search
bad undo level
bad width in $1 list
bad window
blkopen's read failed
blkread failed
blkread($1) failed
blkwrite failed
blkwrite failed -- not enough EMS/XMS memory
broken pipe
bufautocmd($1...) called for bad option name
buffer $1 is locked
can only READ from http $1
can only READ ftp directories
can't $1 rectangles
can't add opt events with * pattern
can't append to filter
can't change directory
can't create pipe
can't create temp file $1
can't dup file handle
can't find icon $1
can't fork
can't load font $1
can't load image from $1
can't make temporary file
can't mix instance number .$1 and g flag
can't paste a buffer into itself
can't redefine $1 because it is in use
can't restore local $1
can't run $1
can't spawn
can't unalias $1 because it is in use
can't use 'w' or 'x' flags with an empty regexp
can't use \\@ during initialization
can't yank a buffer into itself
check other buffers
color $1 $2
color $1 has not been set
color table full -- can't add $1
connecting to $1
could not allocate color $1
could not connect
could not contact X server
could not create socket
could not find default session file
could not send request to server
cursor not on word
cut buffer $1 empty
cut buffer name required
destination can't be inside source
digraphs must be composed of two characters
directory name required
division by 0
elvis $1
elvis requires winsock 1.1
error reading from socket
excessive 'w' or 'x' flags
filename required
filter name is missing
foreground color can't be transparent
ftp account info file is: $1
ftp failed: $1
ftp ignoring 'account $1' because we want $2
ftp ignoring 'machine $1' because we want $2
ftp: $1
ftp: $1 $2
ftp: passive channel = $1:$2
gui-specific commands not supported
header file $1 not found
help not available; couldn't load $1
help unavailable; html mode is disabled
htmltagload\(tagname=$1, from=$2\)
incomplete mark name
invalid $1 $2
invalid color $1
invalid gui $1
invalid subscript for assignment
keywordprg not set
line $1+$2: $3
line $1-$2: $3
line $1: $2
looking up site $1
malformed !() in alias $1
malformed #RRGGBB string $1
malformed file name $1
match is zero-length
missing :while or :for
missing color name
missing event name
missing ex command
missing file name
missing lhs
missing rhs
missing }
modified, not written
more files
must set lpout
must set normal colors first
network not ready
no EMS/XMS -- can't use \
no alias named $1
no buffer named $1
no file name for $1
no filter
no gui available
no help available for $1
no match
no match above
no match below
no memory
no misspelled words below
no more errors
no more files
no more lines
no previous RE
no previous char search
no previous cut buffer
no previous regular expression
no previous search
no previous tag
no previous text to substitute for ~
no regions
no such augroup
no such session
no such window
no tool
no value to substitute for $1
not that many lines in buffer
not while in open mode
nothing is using colors for $1
nothing to fold by that name
nothing to fold there
nothing to join with this line
nothing to unfold by that name
nothing to unfold there
only $1 lines
only works on window's default buffer
prgwrite(..., $1) returning $2
protocol=$1, site_port=$2, resource=$3
reading $1
reading directory
receiving... $1 bytes
receiving... $1 of $2 bytes
regcomp error: calced=$1, actual=$2
requesting $1
result too long
sending... $1 bytes
sending... $1 of $2 bytes
session file busy
set SESSIONPATH to a writable directory
skipping $1 old session file($1!=1?\
skipping \
some autocmds couldn't be deleted because they were running
substitution failed
tag address out of date
tag not found
tag stack empty
termcap database unreadable
termcap needs $1
the $1 alias doesn't use a ! suffix
the $1 alias doesn't use addresses
the $1 alias doesn't use arguments
the (gui) user interface doesn't support colors
the :$1 command is disabled
the c flag is only available from a window
the c flag only works on the window's main edit buffer
this gui only supports ex mode
too few \\\(\\\)s to use \\$1
too many arguments for $1
too many files
too many user-defined event names
transmission failed
unable to read icon from $1
unknown color $1
unknown event
unknown flag $1
unknown function $1
unknown site $1
unsafe filter
unsafe to change $1
unsupported flag '$1'
unsupported protocol
unsupported protocol $1
unterminated `prog` expression
user interfaces:
user=$1, password=$2, account=$3
using open mode
value of $1 should be comma-delimited numbers
warning: almost out of memory
won't overwrite ftp file without '!'
would span buffers
writing $1
your winsock supports $1.$2 - $3.$4
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