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/* xstatus.h */
#define MAXTOOLS 50
typedef struct
Window win; /* toolbar subwindow */
int x, y; /* position of status within window */
unsigned int w, h; /* size of the status bar */
char info[80]; /* info string */
long line, column; /* cursor position */
char learn; /* learn character */
char *mode; /* e.g., "Command" or "Input" */
unsigned int rulerwidth; /* widest ruler ever seen */
unsigned int learnwidth; /* widest learn ever seen */
unsigned int modewidth; /* widest mode ever seen */
int rulerpos;
int learnpos;
int modepos;
ELVBOOL recolored; /* have colors changed lately? */
void x_st_predict P_((X11WIN *xw, unsigned w, unsigned h));
void x_st_create P_((X11WIN *xw, int x, int y));
void x_st_destroy P_((X11WIN *xw));
void x_st_status P_((X11WIN *xw, CHAR *info, long line, long column, _char_ learn, char *mode));
void x_st_info P_((X11WIN *xw, CHAR *info));
void x_st_event P_((X11WIN *xw, XEvent *event));
void x_st_recolor P_((X11WIN *xw));
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