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" Here are some typical settings that you might want to try. The simplest
" way to use this file is to :source this file, and then run ":mkexrc" to
" save the settings where they can be automatically loaded.
set autoindent
try set spell
try set smartargs
set taglibrary
set wrapscan
set incsearch
set spellautoload
map gw lbygS:word <C-P><Enter>
try {
alias wc {
"Count words in the buffer, or a range of lines
local w=0
!(%)%s/\w\+/let w=w+1/gx
calc w "words"
try check +other
try check -link
try aug END
then {
au BgChanged light color x11.spell on pink
au BgChanged dark color x11.spell on maroon
au BgChanged light color windows.spell on pink
au BgChanged dark color windows.spell on maroon
try aug END
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