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/* gui.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
/* generic pointer to GUI-specific window information */
typedef void GUIWIN;
/* structs of this type are used to describe each available GUI */
typedef struct gui_s
char *name;
char *desc;
BOOLEAN exonly;
BOOLEAN newblank;
BOOLEAN minimizeclr;
BOOLEAN scrolllast;
BOOLEAN shiftrows;
int movecost;
int nopts;
OPTDESC *optdescs;
int (*test) P_((void));
int (*init) P_((int argc, char **argv));
void (*usage) P_((void));
void (*loop) P_((void));
BOOLEAN (*poll) P_((BOOLEAN reset));
void (*term) P_((void));
BOOLEAN (*creategw) P_((char *name, char *attributes));
void (*destroygw) P_((GUIWIN *gw, BOOLEAN force));
BOOLEAN (*focusgw) P_((GUIWIN *gw));
void (*retitle) P_((GUIWIN *gw, char *name));
void (*reset) P_((void));
void (*flush) P_((void));
void (*moveto) P_((GUIWIN *gw, int column, int row));
void (*draw) P_((GUIWIN *gw, _char_ font, CHAR *text, int len));
BOOLEAN (*shift) P_((GUIWIN *gw, int qty, int rows));
BOOLEAN (*scroll) P_((GUIWIN *gw, int qty, BOOLEAN notlast));
BOOLEAN (*clrtoeol) P_((GUIWIN *gw));
void (*textline) P_((GUIWIN *gw, CHAR *text, int len));
void (*beep) P_((GUIWIN *gw));
BOOLEAN (*msg) P_((GUIWIN *gw, MSGIMP imp, CHAR *text, int len));
void (*scrollbar) P_((GUIWIN *gw, long top, long bottom, long nlines));
BOOLEAN (*status) P_((GUIWIN *gw, CHAR *cmd, long line, long column, _CHAR_ learn, char *mode));
int (*keylabel) P_((CHAR *given, int givenlen, CHAR **label, CHAR **raw));
BOOLEAN (*clipopen) P_((BOOLEAN forwrite));
int (*clipwrite) P_((CHAR *text, int len));
int (*clipread) P_((CHAR *text, int len));
void (*clipclose) P_((void));
BOOLEAN (*color) P_((GUIWIN *gw, _char_ font, CHAR *fg, CHAR *bg));
BOOLEAN (*guicmd) P_((GUIWIN *gw, char *extra));
BOOLEAN (*tabcmd) P_((GUIWIN *gw, _CHAR_ key2, long count));
void (*save) P_((BUFFER buf, GUIWIN *gw));
int (*wildcard) P_((char *names, char *buf, int bufsize, BOOLEAN single));
BOOLEAN (*prgopen) P_((char *command, BOOLEAN willwrite, BOOLEAN willread));
int (*prgclose) P_((void));
RESULT (*stop) P_((BOOLEAN alwaysfork));
} GUI;
#if defined(GUI_TERMCAP) || defined(GUI_OPEN) || defined(GUI_VIO)
/* The "termcap" and "open" user interfaces use the following OS-dependent
* functions. These functions must be defined in "osXXXX/tcaphelp.c" if
* you're going to use "termcap" or "open".
extern void ttyinit P_((void));
extern void ttyraw P_((char *erasekey));
extern void ttynormal P_((void));
extern void ttysuspend P_((void));
extern void ttyresume P_((BOOLEAN sendstr));
extern int ttyread P_((char *buf, int len, int timeout));
extern void ttywrite P_((char *buf, int len));
extern char *ttytermtype P_((void));
extern BOOLEAN ttysize P_((int *linesptr, int *colsptr));
extern BOOLEAN ttypoll P_((BOOLEAN reset));
extern RESULT ttystop P_((void));
extern GUIWIN *ttywindow P_((int ttyrow, int ttycol, int *winrow, int *wincol));
/* These can be used for accessing the values of the tty options. */
extern struct ttygoptvals_s
OPTVAL term; /* string - terminal type */
OPTVAL ttyrows; /* number - rows of screen */
OPTVAL ttycolumns; /* number - columns of screen */
OPTVAL ttyunderline; /* boolean - whether colors and underline mix */
} ttygoptvals;
#define o_term ttygoptvals.term.value.string
#define o_ttyrows ttygoptvals.ttyrows.value.number
#define o_ttycolumns ttygoptvals.ttycolumns.value.number
#define o_ttyunderline ttygoptvals.ttyunderline.value.boolean
# ifdef NEED_SPEED_T
# include <termcap.h>
# else
extern char PC;
extern short ospeed; /* might be "speed_t" instead of "short" */
extern int tgetent P_((char *, char *));
extern int tgetflag P_((char *));
extern int tgetnum P_((char *));
extern char *tgoto P_((char *, int, int));
extern char *tgetstr P_((char*, char**));
extern void tputs P_((char *, int, int (*)(int)));
# endif /* !_POSIX_SOURCE */
#endif /* defined(GUI_TERMCAP) */
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