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/* xmisc.h */
typedef struct x_loadedfont_s
struct x_loadedfont_s *next; /* next font in linked list */
int links; /* number of windows using this font */
XFontStruct *fontinfo; /* X font structure */
char *name; /* name of the font */
int height; /* height of font (ascent + descent) */
typedef struct x_loadedcolor_s
struct x_loadedcolor_s *next; /* next color in linked list */
int links; /* number of uses for this color */
unsigned long pixel; /* the color code */
CHAR *name; /* name of the color */
X_LOADEDFONT *x_loadfont P_((char *name));
void x_unloadfont P_((X_LOADEDFONT *font));
unsigned long x_loadcolor P_((CHAR *name, unsigned long def));
void x_unloadcolor P_((unsigned long pixel));
void x_drawbevel P_((X11WIN *xw, Window win, int x, int y, unsigned w, unsigned h, _char_ dir, int height));
void x_drawstring P_((Display *display, Window win, GC gc, int x, int y, char *str, int len));
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