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/* lowbuf.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
/* Create a new buffer in the session file */
extern void lowinit P_((void (*bufproc)(_BLKNO_ bufinfo, long nchars, long nlines, long changes, long prevloc, CHAR *name)));
extern BLKNO lowalloc P_((char *name));
extern BLKNO lowdup P_((_BLKNO_ originfo));
extern void lowfree P_((_BLKNO_ bufinfo));
extern void lowtitle P_((_BLKNO_ bufinfo, CHAR *title));
extern long lowline P_((_BLKNO_ bufinfo, long lineno));
extern BLKNO lowoffset P_((_BLKNO_ bufinfo, long offset, COUNT *left, COUNT *right, LBLKNO *lptr, long *linenum));
extern long lowdelete P_((_BLKNO_ dst, long dsttop, long dstbottom));
extern long lowinsert P_((_BLKNO_ dst, long dsttop, CHAR *newp, long newlen));
extern long lowreplace P_((_BLKNO_ dst, long dsttop, long dstbottom, CHAR *newp, long newlen));
extern long lowpaste P_((_BLKNO_ dst, long dsttop, _BLKNO_ src, long srctop, long srcbottom));
extern void lowflush P_((_BLKNO_ bufinfo));
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