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/* map.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
/* The current state of the keystroke mapping queue */
typedef enum
MAP_CLEAR, /* not in the middle of any map */
MAP_USER, /* at least 1 unresolved user map */
MAP_KEY /* at least 1 unresolved key map, but no user maps */
/* This data type is a bitmap of the following flags. It is used to describe
* when a map takes effect, and how it is interpretted.
typedef unsigned int MAPFLAGS;
#define MAP_INPUT 0x0001 /* map when in input mode */
#define MAP_COMMAND 0x0002 /* map when in visual command mode */
#define MAP_OPEN 0x0004 /* map when in "open" mode */
#define MAP_ASCMD 0x0100 /* always execute map as visual commands */
#define MAP_ALL 0x0107 /* all of the above */
#define MAP_ALL_VISUAL 0x0103 /* all except MAP_OPEN */
#define MAP_ABBR 0x0200 /* this is an abbr, not a map */
#define MAP_DISABLE 0x0400 /* disable all maps for next keystroke */
#define MAP_BREAK 0x0800 /* switch from "run" to "step" trace mode */
extern void mapinsert P_((CHAR *rawin, int rawlen, CHAR *cooked, int cooklen, CHAR *label, MAPFLAGS flags));
extern BOOLEAN mapdelete P_((CHAR *rawin, int rawlen, MAPFLAGS flags, BOOLEAN del, BOOLEAN brk));
extern MAPSTATE mapdo P_((CHAR *keys, int nkeys));
extern void mapunget P_((CHAR *keys, int nkeys, BOOLEAN remap));
extern CHAR *maplist P_((MAPFLAGS flags, int *reflen));
extern RESULT maplearn P_((_CHAR_ buf, BOOLEAN starting));
extern CHAR maplrnchar P_((_CHAR_ dflt));
extern BOOLEAN mapbusy P_((void));
extern void mapalert P_((void));
extern CHAR *mapabbr P_((CHAR *bkwd, long *oldptr, long *newptr, BOOLEAN exline));
#ifndef NO_EXRC
extern void mapsave P_((BUFFER buf));