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/* scan.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
/* The following linked list of structs is used to store scan contexts.
* It is declared publicly only for the sake of the macros; no other modules
* are expected to access it directly.
extern struct scan_s
struct scan_s *next;
BUFFER buffer; /* the buffer being scanned */
_BLKNO_ bufinfo; /* the blkinfo block of the buffer being scanned */
_BLKNO_ blkno; /* block number of currently locked CHARS block, or 0 */
CHAR *leftedge; /* pointer to leftmost locked char */
CHAR *rightedge; /* pointer to char after rightmost locked char */
CHAR **ptr; /* the pointer associated with this scan context */
long leoffset; /* offset of left edge */
# ifdef DEBUG_SCAN
char *file;
int line;
# endif
} *scan__top;
extern MARKBUF scan__markbuf;
extern CHAR *scanalloc P_((CHAR **cp, MARK start));
# define scanalloc(cp, start) _scanalloc(__FILE__, __LINE__, (cp), (start))
extern CHAR *_scanalloc P_((char *file, int line, CHAR **cp, MARK start));
#ifndef DEBUG_SCAN
# define scanprev(cp) (scan__top->leftedge < *(cp) ? --*(cp) : scan__prev(cp))
# define scannext(cp) (scan__top->rightedge > *(cp) + 1 ? ++*(cp) : scan__next(cp))
# define scanleft(cp) ((COUNT)(*(cp) - scan__top->leftedge))
# define scanright(cp) ((COUNT)(scan__top->rightedge - *(cp)))
# define scanmark(cp) marktmp(scan__markbuf, scan__top->buffer, scan__top->leoffset + (int)((*cp) - scan__top->leftedge))
# define scanprev(cp) (scan__top->ptr == (cp) && scan__top->leftedge < *(cp) ? --*(cp) : scan__prev(cp))
# define scannext(cp) (scan__top->ptr == (cp) && scan__top->rightedge > *(cp) + 1 && *(cp) ? ++*(cp) : scan__next(cp))
# define scanleft(cp) (scan__top->ptr == (cp) ? (COUNT)(*(cp) - scan__top->leftedge) : scan__left(cp))
# define scanright(cp) (scan__top->ptr == (cp) ? (COUNT)(scan__top->rightedge - *(cp)) : scan__right(cp))
extern MARK scanmark P_((CHAR **cp));
extern COUNT scan__left P_((CHAR **cp));
extern COUNT scan__right P_((CHAR **cp));
extern CHAR *scanstring P_((CHAR **cp, CHAR *str));
extern CHAR *scandup P_((CHAR **cp, CHAR **oldp));
extern void scanfree P_((CHAR **cp));
extern CHAR *scanseek P_((CHAR **cp, MARK restart));
extern CHAR *scan__next P_((CHAR **cp));
extern CHAR *scan__prev P_((CHAR **cp));
extern CHAR scanchar P_((MARK mark));
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