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/* prsvdos.c */
/* This file contains the DOS-specific parts of the "elvprsv" program. */
#include <stdio.h>
/* This function returns the login name of the owner of a file */
char *ownername(filename)
char *filename; /* name of a file */
return "user";
/* This function sends a mail message to a given user, saying that a file
* has been preserved.
void mail(user, file, when, tmp)
char *user; /* name of user who should receive the mail */
char *file; /* name of original text file that was preserved */
char *when; /* description of why the file was preserved */
int tmp; /* NULL normally; else name of temp file if user should run elvprsv -R */
char cmd[80];/* buffer used for constructing a "mail" command */
FILE *m; /* stream used for giving text to the "mail" program */
char *base; /* basename of the file */
/* separate the directory name from the basename. */
for (base = file + strlen(file); --base > file && *base != SLASH; )
if (*base == SLASH)
*base++ = '\0';
/* for anonymous buffers, pretend the name was "foo" */
if (!strcmp(base, "*"))
base = "foo";
/* Tell the user that the file was preserved */
printf("A version of your file \"%s%c%s\"\n", file, SLASH, base);
printf("was preserved when %s.\n", when);
printf("To recover this file, do the following:\n");
printf(" C:\\> cd %s\n", file);
if (tmp)
printf(" %s> elvprsv -R %s\n", file, tmp);
printf(" %s> elvrec %s\n", file, base);
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