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/* display2.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
struct dispmode_s
char *name;
char *desc;
BOOLEAN canopt;
BOOLEAN wordwrap;
int nwinopts;
OPTDESC *winoptd;
int nglobopts;
OPTDESC *globoptd;
OPTVAL *globoptv;
DMINFO *(*init) P_((WINDOW win));
void (*term) P_((DMINFO *info));
long (*mark2col) P_((WINDOW w, MARK mark, BOOLEAN cmd));
MARK (*move) P_((WINDOW w, MARK from, long linedelta, long column, BOOLEAN cmd));
MARK (*wordmove) P_((MARK from, long count, BOOLEAN backward, BOOLEAN whitespace));
MARK (*setup) P_((WINDOW w, MARK top, long cursor, MARK bottom, DMINFO *info));
MARK (*image) P_((WINDOW w, MARK line, DMINFO *info,
void (*draw)(CHAR *p, long qty, _char_ font, long offset)));
void (*header) P_((WINDOW w, int pagenum, DMINFO *info,
void (*draw)(CHAR *p, long qty, _char_ font, long offset)));
void (*indent) P_((WINDOW w, MARK line, long linedelta));
CHAR *(*tagatcursor) P_((WINDOW win, MARK cursor));
MARK (*tagload) P_((CHAR *tagname, MARK from));
MARK (*tagnext) P_((MARK cursor));
extern DISPMODE dmnormal;
extern DISPMODE dmhex;
extern DISPMODE dmhtml;
extern DISPMODE dmman;
extern DISPMODE dmtex;
extern DISPMODE dmsyntax;
extern DISPMODE *allmodes[];
extern void displist P_((WINDOW win));
extern BOOLEAN dispset P_((WINDOW win, char *newmode));
extern void dispinit P_((BOOLEAN before));
extern void dispoptions P_((DISPMODE *mode, DMINFO *info));
extern MARK dispmove P_((WINDOW win, long linedelta, long wantcol));
extern long dispmark2col P_((WINDOW win));
extern void dispindent P_((WINDOW w, MARK line, long linedelta));
extern void dmmuadjust P_((MARK from, MARK to, long delta));
extern CHAR *dmsknown P_((char *filename));
extern CHAR dmspreprocessor P_((WINDOW win));
extern BOOLEAN dmskeyword P_((WINDOW win, CHAR *word));
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