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/* regexp.h */
#define NSUBEXP 10 /* max # of subexpressions, plus 1 for whole expr */
typedef struct regexp {
long startp[NSUBEXP];/* start of text matching a subexpr */
long endp[NSUBEXP]; /* end of a text matching a subexpr */
long leavep; /* offset of text matching \= */
long nextlinep; /* offset of start of following line */
BUFFER buffer; /* buffer that the above offsets refer to */
int minlen; /* length of shortest possible match */
CHAR first; /* first character, if known; else \0 */
BOOLEAN bol; /* must start at beginning of line? */
BOOLEAN literal; /* contains no metacharacters? */
CHAR program[1]; /* Unwarranted chumminess with compiler. */
} regexp;
extern CHAR *regbuild P_((_CHAR_ delim, CHAR **refp));
extern regexp *regcomp P_((CHAR *retext, MARK cursor));
extern regexp *regdup P_((regexp *re));
extern int regexec P_((regexp *re, MARK from, BOOLEAN bol));
extern CHAR *regtilde P_((CHAR *newp));
extern CHAR *regsub P_((regexp *re, CHAR *newp, BOOLEAN doit));
extern void regerror P_((char *errmsg));
#ifndef REG
# define REG /* as nothing */
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