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As of October 20, Elvis 2.2 is officially released.
To learn about elvis, or download (source, Win32 binaries, or MS-DOS
binaries) go to...
It's been a full four years since the version 2.1.4 was released so you
should expect a lot of new features. Here's a brief summary:
* Elvis 2.2 is pretty
o The :color command has been greatly improved.
o Can use Xft for antialiased text (x11 only).
o You can use background images. (x11 and windows only)
o You can load your own elvis icon. (x11 and windows only)
o Themes are supported. ":theme sand" is included. Other themes are
available via ":e theme:". (x11 and windows only)
o Good default colors are provided for all user interfaces.
o The Windows interface can use X11 color names.
* Elvis 2.2 has many of Vim's feaures
o :autocmd
o Many g commands.
o Name completion. Filenames, commands, options, etc.
o <key> notation in :map commands.
o You can load aliases and maps to emulate vim better with ":ru likevim".
* Other stuff
o Built-in spell checker. Context sensitive, and can suggest corrections.
o Folding. Lets you hide parts of your text without deleting it.
o Region highlighting.
o User-definable URL protocols.
* Still has the best features of 2.1
o "hex" display mode for editing binary files.
o "html", "man", and "tex" display modes, for previewing text.
o Online manual is written in HTML, and viewable with the "html" display
mode. Look nice, and has many convenient links.
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