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switch gui
case windows
case x11 {
  color normal black on gray90
  color argument like keyword green or dark green
  color bottom like normal
  color comment italic dark green or light green
  color cursor blue on navyblue
  color fixed gray35 or gray80
  color function Red4 or pink
  color guide white
  color hexheading gray70
  color hlsearch boxed
  color keyword bold
  color libt like keyword italic
  color linenumber gray
  color link like formatted underlined blue or light blue
  color number Blue4 or light blue
  color other like keyword
  color prep bold Blue4 or light blue
  color prepquote like string
  color scroll like tool
  color scrollbar like toolbar
  color selection on tan
  color spell on pink
  color status like tool
  color statusbar like toolbar
  color string tan4 or tan1
  color tool black on gray75
  color toolbar white on gray40
  color variable Gray15 or palegoldenrod
case vio
case termcap {
  color normal yellow or black
  color char like string
  color comment italic light green or green
  color fixed white or gray
  color function light cyan or cyan
  color hexheading gray
  color hlsearch bold
  color keyword bold white or black
  color libt like keyword
  color linenumber gray
  color link underlined blue or light cyan
  color number light cyan or blue
  color other like keyword
  color prep bold magenta or blue
  color prepquote like string
  color regexp like string
  color ruler blue or light cyan
  color showmode green boxed
  color spell red or light magenta
  color string white or brown
  color variable like normal
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