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/* buffer.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
struct undo_s
struct undo_s *next; /* pointer to the next-older version of this buffer */
long changes; /* change counter, used for restarting */
long changepos; /* where to move cursor if undone */
long buflines; /* number of lines in this version of the buffer */
long bufchars; /* number of characters in this version */
struct umark_s *marklist; /* list of marks that were in this buffer */
BLKNO bufinfo; /* bufinfo BLK of previous version */
struct undo_s *link1, *link2; /* some other allocated undo versions */
struct buffer_s *buf; /* the buffer that this undoes */
char undoredo; /* 'u' for undo, 'r' for redo version */
typedef struct buffer_s
struct buffer_s *next;
struct mark_s *marks; /* linked list of marks pointing to this buffer */
struct undo_s *undo; /* linked list of undo versions of this buffer */
struct undo_s *redo; /* linked list of undo versions of this buffer */
struct undo_s *undolnptr; /* element of undo list which is line-undo version */
BLKNO bufinfo; /* blkno of the bufinfo block for this buffer */
long changes; /* change counter, used for restarting */
long changepos; /* position of the most recent change to this buffer */
long undoline; /* line number of "undolnptr" version */
long docursor; /* cursor position when "willdo" was set */
long ntagdefs; /* number of items in tagdef array */
struct tedef_s *tagdef; /* tag definitions in this buf */
ELVBOOL eachedit; /* "Edit" event for each change (else only when willdo is set) */
ELVBOOL willdo; /* save an "undo" version before next bufreplace()? */
long willevent; /* value of eventcount when willdo was set */
struct fold_s *fold; /* list of active FOLDs */
struct fold_s *unfold; /* list of inactive FOLDs */
struct region_s *regions; /* list of regions in this buffer */
OPTVAL filename; /* string: name of the file for this buffer */
OPTVAL bufname; /* string: name of buffer */
OPTVAL bufid; /* number: unique number for user buffer, or 0 */
OPTVAL buflines; /* number: of lines, from txtbuf->lines */
OPTVAL bufchars; /* number: of bytes, from txtbuf->bytes */
OPTVAL retain; /* boolean: keep buffer after writing? */
OPTVAL modified; /* boolean: buffer modified since last write? */
OPTVAL edited; /* boolean: bufname changed since last write? */
OPTVAL newfile; /* boolean: buffer for non-existent file? */
OPTVAL readonly; /* boolean: no write perms on file? */
OPTVAL autoindent; /* boolean: auto-indent? */
OPTVAL inputtab; /* one of Tab/Spaces/Filename: <Tab> key in input mode */
OPTVAL autotab; /* boolean: use tabs characters shifting? */
OPTVAL tabstop; /* tab: width of a tab */
OPTVAL cc; /* string: program run by :cc command */
OPTVAL equalprg; /* string: program run by = command */
OPTVAL keywordprg; /* string: program run by shift-K command */
OPTVAL make; /* string: program run by :make command */
OPTVAL paragraphs; /* string: list of nroff paragraph codes */
OPTVAL sections; /* string: list of nroff section codes */
OPTVAL shiftwidth; /* tab: shiftwidth used by << and >> */
OPTVAL undolevels; /* number: number of undo versions to maintain */
OPTVAL textwidth; /* number: word wrap position (replaced wrapmargin) */
OPTVAL internal; /* boolean: is this a special-purpose buffer? */
OPTVAL bufdisplay; /* string: the default display mode */
OPTVAL initialsyntax; /* start in "syntax" mode regardless of bufdisplay? */
OPTVAL errlines; /* number: #lines when errlist created */
OPTVAL readeol; /* one of unix/dos/mac/text/binary: file read mode */
OPTVAL locked; /* boolean: prevent changes to buffer? */
OPTVAL partiallastline;/* boolean: file has no real last newline */
OPTVAL putstyle; /* one of {character line rectangle} */
OPTVAL timestamp; /* timestamp of file, as a string */
OPTVAL guidewidth; /* widths of columns where guides are drawn */
OPTVAL hlobject; /* list of text objects to possibly highlight */
OPTVAL spell; /* should tags be considered words for spellchecking? */
OPTVAL lisp; /* lisp mode */
OPTVAL mapmode; /* which set of key maps to use */
OPTVAL smartargs; /* display arguments when typing func */
OPTVAL userprotocol; /* user-defined protocol */
OPTVAL bb; /* generic option */
#define o_filename(buf) ((buf)->filename.value.string)
#define o_bufname(buf) ((buf)->bufname.value.string)
#define o_bufid(buf) ((buf)->bufid.value.number)
#define o_buflines(buf) ((buf)->buflines.value.number)
#define o_bufchars(buf) ((buf)->bufchars.value.number)
#define o_retain(buf) ((buf)->retain.value.boolean)
#define o_preservable(buf) ((buf)->preservable.value.boolean)
#define o_modified(buf) ((buf)->modified.value.boolean)
#define o_edited(buf) ((buf)->edited.value.boolean)
#define o_newfile(buf) ((buf)->newfile.value.boolean)
#define o_readonly(buf) ((buf)->readonly.value.boolean)
#define o_autoindent(buf) ((buf)->autoindent.value.boolean)
#define o_inputtab(buf) ((buf)->inputtab.value.character)
#define o_autotab(buf) ((buf)->autotab.value.boolean)
#define o_tabstop(buf) ((buf)->
#define o_cc(buf) ((buf)->cc.value.string)
#define o_equalprg(buf) ((buf)->equalprg.value.string)
#define o_keywordprg(buf) ((buf)->keywordprg.value.string)
#define o_make(buf) ((buf)->make.value.string)
#define o_paragraphs(buf) ((buf)->paragraphs.value.string)
#define o_sections(buf) ((buf)->sections.value.string)
#define o_shiftwidth(buf) ((buf)->
#define o_undolevels(buf) ((buf)->undolevels.value.number)
#define o_textwidth(buf) ((buf)->textwidth.value.number)
#define o_internal(buf) ((buf)->internal.value.boolean)
#define o_bufdisplay(buf) ((buf)->bufdisplay.value.string)
#define o_initialsyntax(buf) ((buf)->initialsyntax.value.boolean)
#define o_errlines(buf) ((buf)->errlines.value.number)
#define o_readeol(buf) ((buf)->readeol.value.character)
#define o_locked(buf) ((buf)->locked.value.boolean)
#define o_partiallastline(buf) ((buf)->partiallastline.value.boolean)
#define o_putstyle(buf) ((buf)->putstyle.value.character)
#define o_timestamp(buf) ((buf)->timestamp.value.string)
#define o_guidewidth(buf) ((buf)->
#define o_hlobject(buf) ((buf)->hlobject.value.string)
#define o_spell(buf) ((buf)->spell.value.boolean)
#define o_lisp(buf) ((buf)->lisp.value.boolean)
#define o_mapmode(buf) ((buf)->mapmode.value.string)
#define o_smartargs(buf) ((buf)->smartargs.value.boolean)
#define o_userprotocol(buf) ((buf)->userprotocol.value.boolean)
#define o_bb(buf) ((buf)->userprotocol.value.string)
#define BUFOPTQTY ((sizeof(struct buffer_s) - (int)bufoptvals((BUFFER)0)) / sizeof(OPTVAL))
#define bufbufinfo(buffer) ((buffer)->bufinfo)
#define bufoptvals(buffer) (&(buffer)->filename)
#define bufmarks(buffer) ((buffer)->marks)
#define bufsetmarks(buffer, mark) ((buffer)->marks = (mark))
#define buflist(start) ((start) ? (start)->next : elvis_buffers)
extern BUFFER bufdefault;
extern BUFFER elvis_buffers;
extern BUFFER bufdefopts;
extern MSGIMP bufmsgtype;
extern void bufinit P_((void));
extern BUFFER bufalloc P_((CHAR *name, _BLKNO_ bufinfo, ELVBOOL internal));
extern CHAR *buffilenumber P_((BUFFER curbuf, CHAR **refp, CHAR **endptr));
extern BUFFER buffind P_((CHAR *name));
extern BUFFER bufload P_((CHAR *bufname, char *filename, ELVBOOL reload));
extern BUFFER bufpath P_((CHAR *path, char *filename, CHAR *bufname));
extern ELVBOOL bufunload P_((BUFFER buf, ELVBOOL force, ELVBOOL save));
extern ELVBOOL bufsave P_((BUFFER buf, ELVBOOL force, ELVBOOL mustwr));
extern void bufoptions P_((BUFFER buffer));
extern void buffree P_((BUFFER buffer));
extern void buftitle P_((BUFFER buffer, CHAR *title));
extern void bufappend P_((BUFFER buf, CHAR *str, int len));
extern void bufpersistinit P_((void));
extern void bufpersistsave P_((BUFFER buf));