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/* color.h */
typedef struct
CHAR *name; /* name of this role */
CHAR *descr; /* args of original :color command */
long fg; /* foreground color code */
long bg; /* background color code */
char like; /* "like" index, or 0 for nothing */
unsigned char lpfg_rgb[3]; /* foreground when printing hardcopy */
DRAWATTR da; /* RGB colors & bitmap of attributes */
#define COLOR_BOLD 0x0001 /* add the bold attribute to the font */
#define COLOR_ITALIC 0x0002 /* add the italic attribute to the font */
#define COLOR_UNDERLINED 0x0004 /* draw a line under the text */
#define COLOR_BOXED 0x0008 /* draw a box around the text */
#define COLOR_GRAPHIC 0x0010 /* replace text with graphical chars */
#define COLOR_PROP 0x0020 /* use proportionally-spaced font */
#define COLOR_PROPSET 0x0040 /* don't inherit the COLOR_PROP flag */
#define COLOR_SET 0x0080 /* attributes were explicitly set by the user */
#define COLOR_FG 0x0100 /* fg field contains a foreground color */
#define COLOR_BG 0x0200 /* bg field contains a background color */
#define COLOR_FGSET 0x0400 /* don't inherit the foreground color */
#define COLOR_BGSET 0x0800 /* don't inherit the background color */
#define COLOR_LEFTBOX 0x1000 /* boxed text should draw left edge */
#define COLOR_RIGHTBOX 0x2000 /* boxed text should draw the right edge */
#define COLOR_SEL 0x4000 /* text is "selected", in draw.c */
/* Some special font codes */
#define COLOR_FONT_NORMAL 1 /* normal colors */
#define COLOR_FONT_IDLE 2 /* colors for idle screen */
#define COLOR_FONT_BOTTOM 3 /* the bottom row of the window */
#define COLOR_FONT_SELECTION 4 /* colors for selections */
#define COLOR_FONT_HLSEARCH 5 /* colors for hlsearch option */
#define COLOR_FONT_RULER 6 /* colors of the ruler, in text gui */
#define COLOR_FONT_SHOWMODE 7 /* colors of the showmode, in text gui*/
#define COLOR_FONT_LNUM 8 /* colors of the line numbers "lnum" */
#define COLOR_FONT_NONTEXT 9 /* non-text characters such "~" lines */
#define COLOR_FONT_QTY_SPECIALS 10 /* first non-special font code */
/* NOTE: If you add any more special fonts here, you must increase the
* COLOR_FONT_QTY_SPECIALS value, append your new value to the colorinfo[]
* definition in color.c, and adjust the colorsortorder[] array in color.c
extern COLORINFO colorinfo[128];
extern int colorsortorder[128];
extern int colornpermanent;
extern char *colorimage P_((CHAR *bgname));
extern int colorisbg P_((OPTDESC *desc, OPTVAL *val, CHAR *newval));
extern int colorfind P_((CHAR *fontname));
extern COLORINFO *colorcombine P_((int oldfont, COLORINFO *newcinfo));
extern void colorparse P_((CHAR *descr, CHAR **fgref, CHAR **bgref, CHAR **likeref, unsigned short *bitsref));
extern void colorset P_((int fontcode, CHAR *descr, ELVBOOL explicit));
extern void colorforeign P_((CHAR *name, CHAR *descr));
extern void colorsetup P_((void));
extern int colortmp P_((int oldfont, int newfont));
extern void colorlist P_((WINDOW win, CHAR *name, ELVBOOL implicit));
extern void colorsave P_((BUFFER buf));
extern CHAR *colorcomplete P_((WINDOW win, MARK from, MARK to, ELVBOOL nameonly));
extern _char_ colorexpose P_((_char_ font, DRAWATTR *refattr));
extern int colorrgb2ansi P_((ELVBOOL isfg, unsigned char *rgb));
extern ELVBOOL coloransi P_((int fontcode, CHAR *name, ELVBOOL isfg, long *colorptr, unsigned char *rgb));
extern char *colorname P_((long ansi));