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/* event.h */
/* Copyright 1995 by Steve Kirkendall */
typedef enum
CLICK_NONE, /* return the clicked cell's offset, but don't move */
CLICK_MOVE, /* move the cursor; if selecting, adjust selection endpoint */
CLICK_SSCHAR, /* don't move, start selecting chars if no sel yet */
CLICK_SSLINE, /* don't move, start selecting lines if no sel yet */
CLICK_SELCHAR, /* move & start selecting characters */
CLICK_SELLINE, /* move & start selecting whole lines */
CLICK_SELRECT, /* move & start selecting a rectangle */
CLICK_CANCEL, /* cancel the selection; don't move cursor */
CLICK_YANK, /* copy selected text to GUI's clipboard; don't move */
CLICK_PASTE, /* copy text from GUI's clipboard; don't move */
CLICK_TAG, /* simulate a <Control-]> keystroke */
CLICK_UNTAG /* simulate a <Control-T> keystroke */
typedef enum
SCROLL_FWDSCR, /* scroll forward one screen */
SCROLL_BACKSCR, /* scroll backward one screen */
SCROLL_FWDLN, /* scroll forward one line */
SCROLL_BACKLN, /* scroll backward one line */
SCROLL_COLUMN, /* scroll sideways to reveal a column */
SCROLL_PERCENT, /* move cursor to a given percent of the file */
SCROLL_LINE /* move cursor to a given line */
extern long eventcounter;
extern void eventupdatecustom P_((ELVBOOL later));
extern ELVBOOL eventcreate P_((GUIWIN *gw, OPTVAL *guivals, char *name, int rows, int columns));
extern void eventdestroy P_((GUIWIN *gw));
extern void eventresize P_((GUIWIN *gw, int rows, int columns));
extern void eventreplace P_((GUIWIN *gw, ELVBOOL freeold, char *name));
extern void eventexpose P_((GUIWIN *gw, int top, int left, int bottom, int right));
extern ELVCURSOR eventdraw P_((GUIWIN *gw));
extern ELVCURSOR eventfocus P_((GUIWIN *gw, ELVBOOL change));
extern long eventclick P_((GUIWIN *gw, int row, int column, CLICK what));
extern MAPSTATE eventkeys P_((GUIWIN *gw, CHAR *key, int nkeys));
extern ELVBOOL eventscroll P_((GUIWIN *gw, SCROLL scroll, long count, long denom));
extern void eventsuspend P_((void));
extern void eventex P_((GUIWIN *gw, char *excmd, ELVBOOL safer));