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!_TAG_FILE_FORMAT 2 /supported features/
!_TAG_FILE_SORTED 1 /0=unsorted, 1=sorted/
!_TAG_PROGRAM_AUTHOR Steve Kirkendall /
!_TAG_PROGRAM_NAME Elvis Ctags //
!_TAG_PROGRAM_URL /official site/
!_TAG_PROGRAM_VERSION 2.2i-beta //
APPDEFAULTS guix11.c 20;" d ln:20 file:
DEFAULT_BACKGROUND guix11.c 34;" d ln:34 file:
DEFAULT_BLINKTIME guix11.c 39;" d ln:39 file:
DEFAULT_BORDERWIDTH guix11.c 27;" d ln:27 file:
DEFAULT_CONTROLFONT guix11.c 36;" d ln:36 file:
DEFAULT_CURSORCOLOR guix11.c 37;" d ln:37 file:
DEFAULT_DBLCLICKTIME guix11.c 35;" d ln:35 file:
DEFAULT_FOREGROUND guix11.c 33;" d ln:33 file:
DEFAULT_GEOMETRY guix11.c 32;" d ln:32 file:
DEFAULT_ICON guix11.c 24;" d ln:24 file:
DEFAULT_NORMALFONT guix11.c 31;" d ln:31 file:
DEFAULT_OUTLINEMONO guix11.c 26;" d ln:26 file:
DEFAULT_OWNCOLOR guix11.c 38;" d ln:38 file:
DEFAULT_SCROLLBAR guix11.c 46;" d ln:46 file:
DEFAULT_SCROLLBARLEFT guix11.c 28;" d ln:28 file:
DEFAULT_SCROLLBARTIME guix11.c 45;" d ln:45 file:
DEFAULT_SCROLLBARWIDTH guix11.c 44;" d ln:44 file:
DEFAULT_SCROLLWHEELSPEED guix11.c 47;" d ln:47 file:
DEFAULT_STATUSBAR guix11.c 30;" d ln:30 file:
DEFAULT_STOPSHELL guix11.c 25;" d ln:25 file:
DEFAULT_TOOLBAR guix11.c 29;" d ln:29 file:
DEFAULT_TOOLBARBG guix11.c 43;" d ln:43 file:
DEFAULT_TOOLBARFG guix11.c 42;" d ln:42 file:
DEFAULT_TOOLBG guix11.c 41;" d ln:41 file:
DEFAULT_TOOLFG guix11.c 40;" d ln:40 file:
DEFAULT_XENCODING guix11.c 48;" d ln:48 file:
FT_DEFAULT xdialog.h 10;" ln:10 enum:X_FIELDTYPE
FT_FILE xdialog.h 10;" ln:10 enum:X_FIELDTYPE
FT_LOCKED xdialog.h 10;" ln:10 enum:X_FIELDTYPE
FT_NUMBER xdialog.h 10;" ln:10 enum:X_FIELDTYPE
FT_ONEOF xdialog.h 10;" ln:10 enum:X_FIELDTYPE
FT_STRING xdialog.h 10;" ln:10 enum:X_FIELDTYPE
HOMEDEFAULTS guix11.c 21;" d ln:21 file:
MAXPIXMAPS guix11.h 47;" d ln:47
MAXTOOLS xstatus.h 3;" d ln:3
MAXTOOLS xtool.h 3;" d ln:3
NO_XLOCALE guix11.h 25;" d ln:25
NUMBER_LENGTH xdialog.c 11;" d ln:11 file:
SB_BEVEL xscroll.c 15;" d ln:15 file:
SB_BORDER xscroll.c 16;" d ln:16 file:
SB_GAP xscroll.c 14;" d ln:14 file:
SB_MINTHUMB xscroll.c 17;" d ln:17 file:
STRING_LENGTH xdialog.c 12;" d ln:12 file:
ST_ADJACENT xstatus.c 14;" d ln:14 file:
ST_BEVEL xstatus.c 13;" d ln:13 file:
TB_ADJACENT xtool.c 14;" d ln:14 file:
TB_BEVEL xtool.c 13;" d ln:13 file:
TB_GAP xtool.c 15;" d ln:15 file:
TB_REDRAW xtool.c 16;" d ln:16 file:
TOOL xtool.c /^} TOOL;$/;" t ln:33
WIN2XW guix11.c 180;" d ln:180 file:
X11WIN guix11.h /^typedef struct x11win_s X11WIN;$/;" t ln:34
XK_MISCELLANY guix11.h 13;" d ln:13
XK_XKB_KEYS guix11.h 14;" d ln:14
X_BUTTON xdialog.h /^} X_BUTTON;$/;" t ln:33
X_FIELD xdialog.h /^} X_FIELD;$/;" t ln:20
X_FIELDTYPE xdialog.h /^} X_FIELDTYPE;$/;" v ln:10
X_LOADEDCOLOR xmisc.h /^} X_LOADEDCOLOR;$/;" t ln:23
X_LOADEDFONT xmisc.h /^} X_LOADEDFONT;$/;" t ln:12
X_SB_BLANK xscroll.h 3;" ln:3 enum:X_SCROLLSTATE
X_SB_NORMAL xscroll.h 3;" ln:3 enum:X_SCROLLSTATE
X_SB_REDRAW xscroll.h 3;" ln:3 enum:X_SCROLLSTATE
X_SB_STOP xscroll.h 3;" ln:3 enum:X_SCROLLSTATE
X_SCROLLBAR xscroll.h /^} X_SCROLLBAR;$/;" t ln:17
X_SCROLLSTATE xscroll.h /^typedef enum { X_SB_REDRAW, X_SB_NORMAL, X_SB_BLANK, X_SB_STOP } X_SCROLLSTATE;$/;" v ln:3
X_STATUSBAR xstatus.h /^} X_STATUSBAR;$/;" t ln:21
X_TEXTAREA xtext.h /^} X_TEXTAREA;$/;" t ln:19
X_TOOLBAR xtool.h /^} X_TOOLBAR;$/;" t ln:16
XrmCombineFileDatabase xmisc.c /^void XrmCombineFileDatabase(filename, target_db, override)$/;" f ln:478
addbutton xdialog.c /^static X_BUTTON *addbutton(dia, label, shape, key)$/;" f ln:31 file:
addline xtool.c /^static void addline(retptr, label, op, value)$/;" f ln:202 file:
allreconfig guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN allreconfig;$/;" v ln:300 file:
argv0 guix11.c /^static char *argv0; \/* name of program *\/$/;" v ln:149 file:
base xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
beep guix11.c /^static void beep(gw)$/;" f ln:2037 file:
bevel xtool.c /^static int bevel; \/* appearance of clicked button *\/$/;" v ln:47 file:
bg xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
boolean guix11.c 56;" ln:56 file:
bottom xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
button xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
button_s xdialog.h /^typedef struct button_s$/;" s ln:21
cancel xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
catchErrors guix11.c /^static int catchErrors(disp, err)$/;" f ln:701 file:
cellbase xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
cellh xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
cellw xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
cellw xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
class guix11.c 56;" ln:56 file:
click xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
clicked xtool.c /^static TOOL *clicked; \/* a tool which has been clicked, not released *\/$/;" v ln:44 file:
clientaction guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN clientaction(argc, argv)$/;" f ln:709 file:
clipbuf xclip.c /^static char *clipbuf; \/* pointer to malloc'ed buffer of chars to\/from X *\/$/;" v ln:12 file:
clipsize xclip.c /^static long clipsize; \/* total number of bytes in clipbuf *\/$/;" v ln:13 file:
clipused xclip.c /^static long clipused; \/* if reading, total number of bytes read previously *\/$/;" v ln:14 file:
clipwriting xclip.c /^static BOOLEAN clipwriting; \/* True if cutting to X, False if pasting from X *\/$/;" v ln:15 file:
clrtoeol guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN clrtoeol(gw)$/;" f ln:2028 file:
color guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN color(fontcode, colornam, isfg, colorptr, rgb)$/;" f ln:2366 file:
colors xmisc.c /^static X_LOADEDCOLOR *colors; \/* list of allocated colors *\/$/;" v ln:15 file:
column xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
columns xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
comment xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
cooked guix11.c 194;" ln:194 file:
creategw guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN creategw(name, firstcmd)$/;" f ln:1706 file:
createic guix11.c /^static XIC createic(window)$/;" f ln:1636 file:
current xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
cursor xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
cursor xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
cursx xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
cursy xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
database guix11.c /^static XrmDatabase database; \/* resources for this screen *\/$/;" v ln:148 file:
definecolor guix11.c /^static void definecolor(font, foreground, background, fg, bg)$/;" f ln:817 file:
desc xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
destroygw guix11.c /^static void destroygw(gw, force)$/;" f ln:1250 file:
dialog_s xdialog.h /^typedef struct dialog_s$/;" s ln:34
dialog_t xdialog.h /^} dialog_t;$/;" t ln:62
dragfrom xscroll.c /^static int dragfrom; \/* clicked height, relative to *\/$/;" v ln:21 file:
draw guix11.c /^static void draw(gw, fg, bg, bits, text, len)$/;" f ln:1979 file:
draw1pane xstatus.c /^static int draw1pane(xw, pos, text, wideptr)$/;" f ln:31 file:
draw1tool xtool.c /^static void draw1tool(xw, tool, bevel)$/;" f ln:165 file:
drawbutton xdialog.c /^static void drawbutton(dia, btn)$/;" f ln:80 file:
drawtext xdialog.c /^static void drawtext(dia, row)$/;" f ln:137 file:
excmd xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
excmd xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
expose xdialog.c /^static void expose(dia)$/;" f ln:1244 file:
exposerow xdialog.c /^static void exposerow(dia, row, fromscratch)$/;" f ln:1157 file:
field xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
findbutton xdialog.c /^static X_BUTTON *findbutton(dia, x, y)$/;" f ln:117 file:
findtool xtool.c /^static TOOL *findtool(label, isnew)$/;" f ln:52 file:
flags guix11.c 194;" ln:194 file:
flush guix11.c /^static void flush()$/;" f ln:1954 file:
focusgw guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN focusgw(gw)$/;" f ln:1318 file:
fontinfo xmisc.h 12;" ln:12 struct:X_LOADEDFONT
fonts xmisc.c /^static X_LOADEDFONT *fonts; \/* list of allocated fonts *\/$/;" v ln:14 file:
freecolor guix11.c /^static void freecolor(color, isfg)$/;" f ln:2486 file:
freetool xtool.c /^static void freetool(tool)$/;" f ln:103 file:
fromwin guix11.c /^static Window fromwin; \/* window which invoked elvis *\/$/;" v ln:150 file:
ft xdialog.h 20;" ln:20 struct:X_FIELD
gap xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
gc xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
guicmd guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN guicmd(gw, extra)$/;" f ln:2084 file:
guix11 guix11.c /^GUI guix11 =$/;" v ln:2543
h xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
h xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
h xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
h xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
h xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
h xtool.h 16;" ln:16 struct:X_TOOLBAR
height xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
iconimage guix11.c /^static Pixmap iconimage; \/* the custom icon image *\/$/;" v ln:173 file:
iconname guix11.c /^static char *iconname; \/* NULL to use default, else name of loaded xpm file *\/$/;" v ln:172 file:
iconshape guix11.c /^static Pixmap iconshape; \/* shape mask for the image *\/$/;" v ln:174 file:
id xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
id_guix11 guix11.c /^char id_guix11[] = "$Id: guix11.c,v 2.73 2003\/07\/04 23:59:27 steve Exp $";$/;" v ln:8
id_xclip xclip.c /^char id_xclip[] = "$Id: xclip.c,v 2.6 2003\/01\/16 22:21:54 steve Exp $";$/;" v ln:6
id_xdialog xdialog.c /^char id_xdialog[] = "$Id: xdialog.c,v 2.28 2003\/01\/17 00:11:56 steve Exp $";$/;" v ln:6
id_xevent xevent.c /^char id_xevent[] = "$Id: xevent.c,v 2.24 2003\/07\/04 23:59:27 steve Exp $";$/;" v ln:5
id_xmisc xmisc.c /^char id_xmisc[] = "$Id: xmisc.c,v 2.23 2003\/01\/29 20:01:05 steve Exp $";$/;" v ln:8
id_xscroll xscroll.c /^char id_xscroll[] = "$Id: xscroll.c,v 2.14 2002\/11\/10 00:31:28 steve Exp $";$/;" v ln:8
id_xstatus xstatus.c /^char id_xstatus[] = "$Id: xstatus.c,v 2.14 2002\/11\/10 00:31:28 steve Exp $";$/;" v ln:8
id_xtext xtext.c /^char id_xtext[] = "$Id: xtext.c,v 2.29 2003\/01\/26 19:43:33 steve Exp $";$/;" v ln:5
id_xtool xtool.c /^char id_xtool[] = "$Id: xtool.c,v 2.17 2003\/01\/22 19:36:14 steve Exp $";$/;" v ln:8
ignoreErrors guix11.c /^static int ignoreErrors(disp, err)$/;" f ln:648 file:
in xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
info xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
init guix11.c /^static int init(argc, argv)$/;" f ln:847 file:
ispixmap guix11.h 57;" d ln:57
istool xtool.c /^static BOOLEAN istool(xw, tool, x, y)$/;" f ln:149 file:
key xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
keylabel guix11.c /^static int keylabel(given, givenlen, label, rawin)$/;" f ln:2261 file:
keyoneof xdialog.c /^static CHAR *keyoneof(dia, key)$/;" f ln:831 file:
keys guix11.c /^} keys[] =$/;" v ln:194 file:
keystring xdialog.c /^static CHAR *keystring(dia, key)$/;" f ln:910 file:
keystroke xdialog.c /^static void keystroke(dia, key)$/;" f ln:995 file:
keytime xevent.c /^static long keytime;$/;" v ln:14 file:
keyxw xevent.c /^static X11WIN *keyxw;$/;" v ln:15 file:
label guix11.c 194;" ln:194 file:
label xdialog.h 20;" ln:20 struct:X_FIELD
label xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
label xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
lablen xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
learn xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
learnpos xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
learnwidth xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
limit xdialog.h 20;" ln:20 struct:X_FIELD
line xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
links xmisc.h 12;" ln:12 struct:X_LOADEDFONT
loadresources guix11.c /^static void loadresources P_((void))$/;" f ln:304 file:
loop guix11.c /^static void loop P_((void))$/;" f ln:1428 file:
lwidth xdialog.h 20;" ln:20 struct:X_FIELD
makecurrent xdialog.c /^static void makecurrent(dia, row)$/;" f ln:776 file:
mode xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
modepos xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
modewidth xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
moveto guix11.c /^static void moveto(gw, column, row)$/;" f ln:1963 file:
name guix11.c 56;" ln:56 file:
name xdialog.h 20;" ln:20 struct:X_FIELD
name xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
name xmisc.h 12;" ln:12 struct:X_LOADEDFONT
name xmisc.h 23;" ln:23 struct:X_LOADEDCOLOR
next xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
next xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
next xmisc.h 12;" ln:12 struct:X_LOADEDFONT
next xmisc.h 23;" ln:23 struct:X_LOADEDCOLOR
next xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
nextbgmap guix11.c /^static int nextbgmap;$/;" v ln:168 file:
nextcursor xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
nfields xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
number guix11.c 56;" ln:56 file:
o_aasqueeze guix11.h 167;" d ln:167
o_altkey guix11.h 149;" d ln:149
o_antialias guix11.h 166;" d ln:166
o_autoiconify guix11.h 148;" d ln:148
o_blinktime guix11.h 140;" d ln:140
o_boldfont guix11.h 130;" d ln:130
o_borderwidth guix11.h 156;" d ln:156
o_cancel guix11.h 162;" d ln:162
o_controlfont guix11.h 132;" d ln:132
o_dblclicktime guix11.h 139;" d ln:139
o_firstx guix11.h 143;" d ln:143
o_firsty guix11.h 144;" d ln:144
o_focusnew guix11.h 153;" d ln:153
o_font guix11.h 129;" d ln:129
o_help guix11.h 163;" d ln:163
o_icon guix11.h 145;" d ln:145
o_iconic guix11.h 146;" d ln:146
o_italicfont guix11.h 131;" d ln:131
o_outlinemono guix11.h 155;" d ln:155
o_scrollbar guix11.h 137;" d ln:137
o_scrollbarleft guix11.h 136;" d ln:136
o_scrollbartime guix11.h 135;" d ln:135
o_scrollbarwidth guix11.h 134;" d ln:134
o_scrollwheelspeed guix11.h 159;" d ln:159
o_stagger guix11.h 150;" d ln:150
o_statusbar guix11.h 138;" d ln:138
o_stopshell guix11.h 147;" d ln:147
o_submit guix11.h 161;" d ln:161
o_synccursor guix11.h 164;" d ln:164
o_textcursor guix11.h 154;" d ln:154
o_toolbar guix11.h 133;" d ln:133
o_warpback guix11.h 151;" d ln:151
o_warpto guix11.h 152;" d ln:152
o_xcolumns guix11.h 142;" d ln:142
o_xencoding guix11.h 160;" d ln:160
o_xrootheight guix11.h 158;" d ln:158
o_xrootwidth guix11.h 157;" d ln:157
o_xrows guix11.h 141;" d ln:141
offset xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
paging xscroll.c /^static BOOLEAN paging; \/* clicking on button of current window? *\/$/;" v ln:19 file:
parsespec xdialog.c /^static void parsespec(dia)$/;" f ln:224 file:
pinned xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
pixel xmisc.h 23;" ln:23 struct:X_LOADEDCOLOR
pixmapof guix11.h 58;" d ln:58
recolored xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
recolored xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
recolored xtool.h 16;" ln:16 struct:X_TOOLBAR
resources guix11.c /^} resources[] =$/;" v ln:56 file:
retitle guix11.c /^static void retitle(gw, name)$/;" f ln:1929 file:
rgb xmisc.h 23;" ln:23 struct:X_LOADEDCOLOR
root guix11.c /^static Window root; \/* root window *\/$/;" v ln:146 file:
rootheight guix11.c /^static int rootheight, rootwidth; \/* size of root window *\/$/;" v ln:147 file:
rootwidth guix11.c /^static int rootheight, rootwidth; \/* size of root window *\/$/;" v ln:147 file:
rowh xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
rows xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
rptevent xevent.c /^static XEvent rptevent;$/;" v ln:17 file:
rpttime xevent.c /^static long rpttime;$/;" v ln:16 file:
rulerpos xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
rulerwidth xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
safer xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
scroll guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN scroll(gw, qty, notlast)$/;" f ln:2012 file:
scrollbar guix11.c /^static void scrollbar(gw, top, bottom, total)$/;" f ln:2069 file:
setbg guix11.c /^static void setbg(gw, bg)$/;" f ln:2502 file:
shape xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
shift guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN shift(gw, qty, rows)$/;" f ln:1996 file:
shift xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
spec xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
spec xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
state xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
state xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
status guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN status(gw, cmd, line, column, learn, mode)$/;" f ln:2241 file:
statusbase xstatus.c /^static int statusbase; \/* vertical offset of label within pane *\/$/;" v ln:22 file:
statusheight xstatus.c /^static int statusheight; \/* height of a pane, including bevel *\/$/;" v ln:21 file:
stop guix11.c /^static RESULT stop(alwaysfork)$/;" f ln:2518 file:
string guix11.c 56;" ln:56 file:
submit xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
sym guix11.c 194;" ln:194 file:
term guix11.c /^static void term()$/;" f ln:1569 file:
test guix11.c /^static int test()$/;" f ln:663 file:
textx xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
textx xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
texty xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
thumbing xscroll.c /^static BOOLEAN thumbing; \/* dragging thumb of current window?*\/$/;" v ln:20 file:
tool_s xtool.c /^typedef struct tool_s$/;" s ln:19 file:
toolbase xtool.c /^static int toolbase; \/* vertical offset of label within button *\/$/;" v ln:46 file:
toolheight xtool.c /^static int toolheight; \/* height of a button, including bevel *\/$/;" v ln:45 file:
tools xtool.c /^static TOOL *tools; \/* items in the toolbar *\/$/;" v ln:43 file:
top xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
twidth xdialog.h 20;" ln:20 struct:X_FIELD
undercurs xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
usage guix11.c /^static void usage()$/;" f ln:1225 file:
value xdialog.h 20;" ln:20 struct:X_FIELD
w xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
w xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
w xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
w xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
w xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
w xtool.h 16;" ln:16 struct:X_TOOLBAR
when xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
width xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
width xtool.c 33;" ln:33 struct:TOOL
win xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
win xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
win xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
win xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
win xtool.h 16;" ln:16 struct:X_TOOLBAR
wpoll guix11.c /^static BOOLEAN wpoll(reset)$/;" f ln:1555 file:
x xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
x xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
x xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
x xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
x xtool.h 16;" ln:16 struct:X_TOOLBAR
x0 xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
x11desc guix11.c /^static OPTDESC x11desc[] =$/;" v ln:230 file:
x11win_s guix11.h /^struct x11win_s$/;" s ln:62
x_background guix11.c /^char *x_background;$/;" v ln:277
x_bgmap guix11.c /^struct x_bgmap_s x_bgmap[MAXPIXMAPS];$/;" t ln:167
x_bgmap_s guix11.h /^extern struct x_bgmap_s$/;" u ln:49
x_black guix11.c /^unsigned long x_white, x_black; \/* default color values *\/$/;" v ln:124
x_clipclose xclip.c /^void x_clipclose()$/;" f ln:241
x_clipevent xclip.c /^void x_clipevent(event)$/;" f ln:19
x_clipopen xclip.c /^BOOLEAN x_clipopen(forwrite)$/;" f ln:101
x_clipread xclip.c /^int x_clipread(text, len)$/;" f ln:219
x_clipwrite xclip.c /^int x_clipwrite(text, len)$/;" f ln:196
x_colormap guix11.c /^Colormap x_colormap; \/* colormap shared by elvis windows *\/$/;" v ln:123
x_compound_text guix11.c /^Atom x_compound_text; \/* value for COMPOUND_TEXT atom *\/$/;" v ln:133
x_cursorcolors guix11.c /^int x_cursorcolors;$/;" v ln:281
x_defaultbold guix11.c /^X_LOADEDFONT *x_defaultbold; \/* bold font, or NULL to fake it *\/$/;" v ln:135
x_defaultitalic guix11.c /^X_LOADEDFONT *x_defaultitalic; \/* italic font, or NULL to fake it *\/$/;" v ln:136
x_defaultnormal guix11.c /^X_LOADEDFONT *x_defaultnormal; \/* normal font *\/$/;" v ln:134
x_depth guix11.c /^int x_depth; \/* bits per pixel *\/$/;" v ln:122
x_dialogs xdialog.c /^dialog_t *x_dialogs;$/;" v ln:15
x_didcmd xevent.c /^BOOLEAN x_didcmd;$/;" v ln:11
x_display guix11.c /^Display *x_display; \/* X11 display *\/$/;" v ln:118
x_dl_add xdialog.c /^void x_dl_add(xw, name, desc, excmd, spec)$/;" f ln:452
x_dl_delete xdialog.c /^void x_dl_delete(dia)$/;" f ln:705
x_dl_destroy xdialog.c /^void x_dl_destroy(xw)$/;" f ln:756
x_dl_docolor xdialog.c /^void x_dl_docolor(X11WIN *xw)$/;" f ln:1555
x_dl_event xdialog.c /^void x_dl_event(w, event)$/;" f ln:1359
x_drawbevel xmisc.c /^void x_drawbevel(xw, win, x, y, w, h, dir, height)$/;" f ln:295
x_drawstring xmisc.c /^void x_drawstring(display, win, gc, x, y, str, len)$/;" f ln:447
x_elvis_cutbuffer guix11.c /^Atom x_elvis_cutbuffer; \/* value for ELVIS_CUTBUFFER atom *\/$/;" v ln:127
x_elvis_icon guix11.c /^Pixmap x_elvis_icon; \/* elvis' window icon *\/$/;" v ln:140
x_elvis_icon_height guix11.c /^unsigned x_elvis_icon_height; \/* height of x_elvis_icon *\/$/;" v ln:143
x_elvis_icon_width guix11.c /^unsigned x_elvis_icon_width; \/* width of x_elvis_icon *\/$/;" v ln:142
x_elvis_pin_icon guix11.c /^Pixmap x_elvis_pin_icon; \/* elvis' window icon, with pushpin *\/$/;" v ln:141
x_elvis_server guix11.c /^Atom x_elvis_server; \/* value for ELVIS_SERVER atom *\/$/;" v ln:130
x_ev_poll xevent.c /^BOOLEAN x_ev_poll(reset)$/;" f ln:629
x_ev_process xevent.c /^void x_ev_process(event)$/;" f ln:176
x_ev_repeat xevent.c /^void x_ev_repeat(event, timeout)$/;" f ln:25
x_ev_wait xevent.c /^XEvent *x_ev_wait P_((void))$/;" f ln:45
x_foreground guix11.c /^char *x_foreground;$/;" v ln:278
x_gray guix11.c /^Pixmap x_gray; \/* gray pixmap, for mono screens *\/$/;" v ln:139
x_guidecolors guix11.c /^int x_guidecolors;$/;" v ln:288
x_hasfocus guix11.c /^X11WIN *x_hasfocus; \/* window with keyboard focus, or NULL *\/$/;" v ln:138
x_loadcolor xmisc.c /^unsigned long x_loadcolor(name, def, rgb)$/;" f ln:163
x_loadedcolor_s xmisc.h /^typedef struct x_loadedcolor_s$/;" s ln:14
x_loadedcontrol guix11.c /^X_LOADEDFONT *x_loadedcontrol; \/* toolbar font *\/$/;" v ln:137
x_loadedfont_s xmisc.h /^typedef struct x_loadedfont_s$/;" s ln:3
x_loadfont xmisc.c /^X_LOADEDFONT *x_loadfont(name)$/;" f ln:35
x_mono guix11.c /^BOOLEAN x_mono; \/* is this a monochrome display? *\/$/;" v ln:125
x_now guix11.c /^Time x_now; \/* timestamp of current event *\/$/;" v ln:126
x_optvals guix11.c /^struct x_optvals_s x_optvals;$/;" t ln:274
x_optvals_s guix11.h /^extern struct x_optvals_s$/;" u ln:116
x_ownselection xclip.c /^BOOLEAN x_ownselection; \/* does elvis own the X11 selection? *\/$/;" v ln:11
x_reconfig guix11.c /^void x_reconfig(xw, columns, rows)$/;" f ln:499
x_repeating xevent.c /^BOOLEAN x_repeating;$/;" v ln:12
x_resource_manager guix11.c /^Atom x_resource_manager; \/* value for MANAGER_RESOURCES atom *\/$/;" v ln:131
x_sb_create xscroll.c /^void x_sb_create(xw, x, y)$/;" f ln:49
x_sb_destroy xscroll.c /^void x_sb_destroy(xw)$/;" f ln:183
x_sb_event xscroll.c /^void x_sb_event(xw, event)$/;" f ln:248
x_sb_predict xscroll.c /^void x_sb_predict(xw, w, h)$/;" f ln:24
x_sb_recolor xscroll.c /^void x_sb_recolor(xw)$/;" f ln:328
x_sb_setstate xscroll.c /^void x_sb_setstate(xw, newstate)$/;" f ln:98
x_sb_thumb xscroll.c /^void x_sb_thumb(xw, top, bottom, total)$/;" f ln:196
x_screen guix11.c /^int x_screen; \/* screen number *\/$/;" v ln:119
x_scrollbarcolors guix11.c /^int x_scrollbarcolors;$/;" v ln:285
x_scrollcolors guix11.c /^int x_scrollcolors;$/;" v ln:284
x_st_create xstatus.c /^void x_st_create(xw, x, y)$/;" f ln:102
x_st_destroy xstatus.c /^void x_st_destroy(xw)$/;" f ln:140
x_st_event xstatus.c /^void x_st_event(xw, event)$/;" f ln:288
x_st_info xstatus.c /^void x_st_info(xw, info)$/;" f ln:280
x_st_predict xstatus.c /^void x_st_predict(xw, w, h)$/;" f ln:78
x_st_recolor xstatus.c /^void x_st_recolor(xw)$/;" f ln:307
x_st_status xstatus.c /^void x_st_status(xw, info, line, column, learn, mode)$/;" f ln:151
x_statusbarcolors guix11.c /^int x_statusbarcolors;$/;" v ln:287
x_statuscolors guix11.c /^int x_statuscolors;$/;" v ln:286
x_ta_clrtoeol xtext.c /^void x_ta_clrtoeol(xw)$/;" f ln:638
x_ta_create xtext.c /^void x_ta_create(xw, x, y)$/;" f ln:39
x_ta_destroy xtext.c /^void x_ta_destroy(xw)$/;" f ln:81
x_ta_draw xtext.c /^void x_ta_draw(xw, fg, bg, bits, text, len)$/;" f ln:271
x_ta_drawcursor xtext.c /^void x_ta_drawcursor(xw)$/;" f ln:117
x_ta_erasecursor xtext.c /^void x_ta_erasecursor(xw)$/;" f ln:96
x_ta_event xtext.c /^void x_ta_event(xw, event)$/;" f ln:674
x_ta_moveto xtext.c /^void x_ta_moveto(xw, column, row)$/;" f ln:250
x_ta_predict xtext.c /^void x_ta_predict(xw, columns, rows)$/;" f ln:10
x_ta_scroll xtext.c /^void x_ta_scroll(xw, qty, notlast)$/;" f ln:586
x_ta_setbg xtext.c /^void x_ta_setbg(xw, bg)$/;" f ln:856
x_ta_shift xtext.c /^void x_ta_shift(xw, qty, rows)$/;" f ln:543
x_targets guix11.c /^Atom x_targets; \/* value for TARGETS atom *\/$/;" v ln:132
x_tb_config xtool.c /^BOOLEAN x_tb_config(gap, label, op, value)$/;" f ln:638
x_tb_create xtool.c /^void x_tb_create(xw, x, y)$/;" f ln:369
x_tb_destroy xtool.c /^void x_tb_destroy(xw)$/;" f ln:407
x_tb_draw xtool.c /^void x_tb_draw(xw, fromscratch)$/;" f ln:417
x_tb_dump xtool.c /^CHAR *x_tb_dump(label)$/;" f ln:228
x_tb_event xtool.c /^void x_tb_event(xw, event)$/;" f ln:530
x_tb_predict xtool.c /^void x_tb_predict(xw, w, h)$/;" f ln:260
x_tb_recolor xtool.c /^void x_tb_recolor(xw)$/;" f ln:707
x_toolbarcolors guix11.c /^int x_toolbarcolors;$/;" v ln:283
x_toolcolors guix11.c /^int x_toolcolors;$/;" v ln:282
x_unloadcolor xmisc.c /^void x_unloadcolor(pixel)$/;" f ln:248
x_unloadfont xmisc.c /^void x_unloadfont(font)$/;" f ln:116
x_visual guix11.c /^Visual *x_visual; \/* visual *\/$/;" v ln:120
x_white guix11.c /^unsigned long x_white, x_black; \/* default color values *\/$/;" v ln:124
x_winlist guix11.c /^X11WIN *x_winlist; \/* list of windows *\/$/;" v ln:121
x_wm_delete_window guix11.c /^Atom x_wm_delete_window; \/* value for WM_DELETE_WINDOW atom *\/$/;" v ln:129
x_wm_protocols guix11.c /^Atom x_wm_protocols; \/* value for WM_PROTOCOLS atom *\/$/;" v ln:128
x_xftpixel xmisc.c /^XftColor *x_xftpixel(long pixel)$/;" f ln:18
xerror_handler guix11.c /^static jmp_buf xerror_handler; \/* to recover from protocol errors *\/$/;" v ln:145 file:
xftcolor xmisc.h 23;" ln:23 struct:X_LOADEDCOLOR
xftdraw xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
xftfont xmisc.h 12;" ln:12 struct:X_LOADEDFONT
xoptisfont guix11.c /^static int xoptisfont(desc, val, newval)$/;" f ln:418 file:
xoptisnumber guix11.c /^static int xoptisnumber(desc, val, newval)$/;" f ln:476 file:
xscrollbarbg guix11.c /^static long xscrollbg, xscrollbarbg;$/;" v ln:293 file:
xscrollbg guix11.c /^static long xscrollbg, xscrollbarbg;$/;" v ln:293 file:
xstatusbarbg guix11.c /^static long xstatusfg, xstatusbg, xstatusbarfg, xstatusbarbg;$/;" v ln:292 file:
xstatusbarfg guix11.c /^static long xstatusfg, xstatusbg, xstatusbarfg, xstatusbarbg;$/;" v ln:292 file:
xstatusbg guix11.c /^static long xstatusfg, xstatusbg, xstatusbarfg, xstatusbarbg;$/;" v ln:292 file:
xstatusfg guix11.c /^static long xstatusfg, xstatusbg, xstatusbarfg, xstatusbarbg;$/;" v ln:292 file:
xtoolbarbg guix11.c /^static long xtoolfg, xtoolbg, xtoolbarfg, xtoolbarbg;$/;" v ln:291 file:
xtoolbarfg guix11.c /^static long xtoolfg, xtoolbg, xtoolbarfg, xtoolbarbg;$/;" v ln:291 file:
xtoolbg guix11.c /^static long xtoolfg, xtoolbg, xtoolbarfg, xtoolbarbg;$/;" v ln:291 file:
xtoolfg guix11.c /^static long xtoolfg, xtoolbg, xtoolbarfg, xtoolbarbg;$/;" v ln:291 file:
xw xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t
y xdialog.h 33;" ln:33 struct:X_BUTTON
y xscroll.h 17;" ln:17 struct:X_SCROLLBAR
y xstatus.h 21;" ln:21 struct:X_STATUSBAR
y xtext.h 19;" ln:19 struct:X_TEXTAREA
y xtool.h 16;" ln:16 struct:X_TOOLBAR
y0 xdialog.h 62;" ln:62 struct:dialog_t