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/* xtool.h */
#define MAXTOOLS 50
typedef struct
Window win; /* toolbar subwindow */
int x, y; /* position of toolbar within window */
unsigned int w, h; /* overall size of the toolbar */
ELVBOOL recolored; /* have colors been changed lately? */
int x, y; /* position of a button within toolbar*/
int bevel; /* bevel height of a button */
} state[MAXTOOLS];/* info about each button */
CHAR *x_tb_dump P_((char *label));
void x_tb_predict P_((X11WIN *xw, unsigned w, unsigned h));
void x_tb_create P_((X11WIN *xw, int x, int y));
void x_tb_destroy P_((X11WIN *xw));
void x_tb_draw P_((X11WIN *xw, ELVBOOL fromscratch));
void x_tb_event P_((X11WIN *xw, XEvent *event));
ELVBOOL x_tb_config P_((ELVBOOL gap, char *label, _char_ op, char *value));
void x_tb_recolor P_((X11WIN *xw));