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/* guivio.h */
* Interface for VIO (console) user interface for OS/2. Work by Lee Johnson
* except a few fixes by herbert.
* herbert:
* - added macro stuff to avoid trouble when compiling with emx/gcc.
* - addes "static" qualifiers for function prototypes where necessary.
#if !defined(_GUIVIO_H)
#define _GUIVIO_H
* A VIO color index. The four high-order bits contain the background
* color, while the four low-order bits contain the foreground colour.
* Unlike the ANSI console, 'bright' colours may be used for the
* background, and all 256 combinations are valid (though 16 of them
* lead to invisible text. :-)
typedef unsigned char VCOLOR;
/* Structs of this type are used to remember the location and size of each
* window. In the VIO interface, all windows must be as wide as the
* screen, and the sum of all windows' heights must equal the screen size.
typedef struct vwin_s
struct vwin_s *next; /* some other window on this screen */
int height; /* size of the window */
int pos; /* position of the window */
int newheight; /* height after screen is rearranged */
int newpos; /* position after screen is rearranged */
int cursx, cursy; /* logical cursor position */
ELVCURSOR shape; /* logical cursor shape */
* The following buffers hold the colour indices for the various
* fonts.
VCOLOR vc_normal;
VCOLOR vc_fixed;
VCOLOR vc_bold;
VCOLOR vc_emph;
VCOLOR vc_italic;
VCOLOR vc_underline;
VCOLOR vc_hilite;
* Macro definitions:
#define PM_RequestUpdate(pw) \
{ if (!(pw)->destroyed) (pw)->update_me = ElvTrue; }
* GUI function declarations. (Not all of these are actually defined.)
static int vio_test P_((void));
static int vio_init P_((int argc, char **argv));
static void vio_loop P_((void));
static ELVBOOL vio_poll P_((ELVBOOL reset));
static void vio_term P_((void));
static ELVBOOL vio_creategw P_((char *name, char *attributes));
static void vio_destroygw P_((GUIWIN *gw, ELVBOOL force));
static ELVBOOL vio_focusgw P_((GUIWIN *gw));
static void vio_reset P_((void));
static void vio_flush P_((void));
static void vio_moveto P_((GUIWIN *gw, int column, int row));
static void vio_draw P_((GUIWIN *gw, long fg, long bg,
int bits, CHAR *text, int len));
static ELVBOOL vio_shift P_((GUIWIN *gw, int qty, int rows));
static ELVBOOL vio_scroll P_((GUIWIN *gw, int qty, ELVBOOL notlast));
static ELVBOOL vio_clrtoeol P_((GUIWIN *gw));
static void vio_beep P_((GUIWIN *gw));
static ELVBOOL vio_color P_((int fontcode, CHAR *name,
ELVBOOL isfg, long *colorptr, unsigned char *rgb));
static ELVBOOL vio_tabcmd P_((GUIWIN *gw, _CHAR_ key2, long count));
static ELVBOOL vio_prgopen P_((char *command, ELVBOOL willwrite, ELVBOOL willread));
static int vio_prgclose P_((void));
/* These functions aren't in the Elvis GUI--but they should be. :-) */
#endif /* _GUIVIO_H */