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echo Generating x86 assember
echo Bignum
(cd crypto/bn/asm; perl cpp > bn86unix.cpp)
(cd crypto/bn/asm; perl win32 > bn-win32.asm)
echo DES
(cd crypto/des/asm; perl cpp > dx86unix.cpp)
(cd crypto/des/asm; perl win32 > d-win32.asm)
echo "crypt(3)"
(cd crypto/des/asm; perl cpp > yx86unix.cpp)
(cd crypto/des/asm; perl win32 > y-win32.asm)
echo Blowfish
(cd crypto/bf/asm; perl cpp > bx86unix.cpp)
(cd crypto/bf/asm; perl win32 > b-win32.asm)
echo CAST5
(cd crypto/cast/asm; perl cpp > cx86unix.cpp)
(cd crypto/cast/asm; perl win32 > c-win32.asm)
echo RC4
(cd crypto/rc4/asm; perl cpp > rx86unix.cpp)
(cd crypto/rc4/asm; perl win32 > r4-win32.asm)
echo MD5
(cd crypto/md5/asm; perl cpp > mx86unix.cpp)
(cd crypto/md5/asm; perl win32 > m5-win32.asm)
echo SHA1
(cd crypto/sha/asm; perl cpp > sx86unix.cpp)
(cd crypto/sha/asm; perl win32 > s1-win32.asm)
echo RIPEMD160
(cd crypto/ripemd/asm; perl cpp > rm86unix.cpp)
(cd crypto/ripemd/asm; perl win32 > rm-win32.asm)
echo RC5/32
(cd crypto/rc5/asm; perl cpp > r586unix.cpp)
(cd crypto/rc5/asm; perl win32 > r5-win32.asm)
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