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This is a port of Postfixadmin to Perl/Mojolicious/TemplateToolkit. It aims to
be cleaner and easier to extend by following an MVC pattern and strict
modularization throughout. By using Perl's database support via DBIx::Simple and
prepared statements, it is automatically safe from the most common type of SQL
injection problems that are so common in PHP applications that interpolate
parameters directly into SQL. Cross Site Request Forgery protection comes free
with Mojolicious as well.

This is very much a work in progress. Currently a lot of functionality is still
missing but basic functions such as creating/editing/deleting domains and
mailboxes are there.

Homepage: http://ashafix.net/


- Requires at least version 2.3 of the Postfixadmin database, particularly
  regarding domain entries for global admins in the domainadmin table. In the
  end it will use its own schema that will however be compatible insofar as
  you can use the same SQL on the Postfix side.
- The MySQL database uses InnoDB for transactions and referential integrity
  constraints. With databases this size, there is hardly any excuse for using
  MyISAM today.
- Postgres support is still broken but the above should simplify the task of
  getting it to work.