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This repository contains the code necessary to reproduce the experiments of the RANLP 2019 paper Quasi Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers for Word Sense Disambiguation, by Michele Bevilacqua and Roberto Navigli. If you have any questions, please contact me at


cd to the folder containing this file.



  • Own a GPU
  • Use python 3.7

Install pytorch

Go to for instruction

Install fairseq

To make sure things don't break, please install the library by following the procedure:

  • git clone
  • cd fairseq
  • git reset --hard bbb4120b00e9ac7b12a52608349b7ad753fc0d19
  • pip install .

Install qbert

  • cd to the folder containing this file
  • cd qbert
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • pip install .
  • python -c "import nltk;'wordnet')"

CLM Train

Preprocess LM data

  • python --only-source --trainpref <plaintextcorpus-train> --validpref <plaintextcorpus-valid> --testpref <plaintextcorpus-test> --destdir <clm-data>

Train on CLM

  • CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=<your-cuda-device> python <clm-data> --task language_modeling --self-target --arch transformer_bilm_wiki103 --adaptive-input --adaptive-input-cutoff 35000,100000,200000 --adaptive-input-factor 4 --criterion adaptive_loss --adaptive-softmax-cutoff 35000,100000,200000 --adaptive-softmax-factor 4 --adaptive-softmax-dropout 0.3 --tie-adaptive-weights --decoder-attention-heads 8 --decoder-embed-dim 512 --decoder-ffn-embed-dim 2048 --decoder-input-dim 512 --decoder-layers 5 --decoder-output-dim 512 --dropout 0.1 --max-lr 1.0 --lr 1e-5 --lr-scheduler cosine --lr-shrink 0.5 --lr-period-updates 2000 --min-lr 1e-10 --optimizer nag --save-interval-updates 2000 --t-mult 1.5 --tokens-per-sample 100 --update-freq 16 --warmup-updates 2000 --decoder-share-directions --ddp-backend no_c10d --max-tokens 5000 --save-dir <clm-checkpoints> --clip-norm 0.1
  • You may need to choose different cutoffs if your vocabulary is smaller than 200k
  • Takes ~10 days on a 1080 Ti to converge

WSD Train

Preprocess WSD Data

  • python --dictionary <clm-data>/dict.txt --max-length 100 --keep-oov --synsets --xml <Raganato-framework-root>/Training_Corpora/SemCor/ --output <output-dir-wsd-data>/train
  • python --dictionary <clm-data>/dict.txt --max-length 100 --keep-oov --synsets --xml <Raganato-framework-root>/Evaluation_Datasets/semeval2015/ --output <wsd-data>/dev
  • cp <clm-data>/dict.txt <wsd-data>/dict.txt

Train WSD

-CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=<your-cuda-device> python <wsd-data> --arch transformer_seq --task sequence_tagging --save-dir <wsd-checkpoints> --criterion weighted_cross_entropy --tokens-per-sample 100 --max-tokens 4000 --max-epoch 70 --optimizer adam --lr 5e-4 --lr-scheduler cosine --max-lr 1e-3 --lr-period-updates 200 --t-mult 2.0 --warmup-init-lr 5e-5 --lr-shrink 0.5 --warmup-updates 200 --min-lr 1e-10 --decoder-embed-dim 512 --update-freq 6 --dropout 0.2 --relu-dropout 0.2 --attention-dropout 0.2 --clip-norm 0.25 --decoder-input-dim 512 --context-embeddings --context-embeddings-use-embeddings --context-embeddings-type qbert --context-embeddings-qbert-checkpoint <clm-checkpoints>/ --log-format simple --decoder-layers 2

Eval WSD

  • python eval_wsd --checkpoints <wsd-checkpoints>/*.pt --dictionary <clm-data>/dict.txt --use-synsets --w 100 -W 10 -a 1 --eval-on <Raganato-framework-root>/Evaluation_Datasets/*/*.data.xml


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