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Fix syntax errors, add some more changes

git-svn-id: d4fa192b-c00b-0410-8231-f00ffab90ce4
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commit 7fd764fc0b52148fbdfd1fa2ecd35869679dfc05 1 parent 59de7b8
Tollef Fog Heen authored
Showing with 14 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +14 −6 doc/changes-2.0.6-2.1.0.xml
20 doc/changes-2.0.6-2.1.0.xml
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@
<para>When closing connections, we experimented with sending RST
to free up load balancers and free up threads more quickly.
This caused some problems with NAT routers and so has been
- reverted for now.
+ reverted for now.</para>
<change type="enh">
@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@
<change type="enh">
<para><code>purge.hash</code> is now deprecated and no longer
- shown in help listings.</code>.</para>
+ shown in help listings.</para>
<change type="enh" ref="607">
@@ -298,11 +298,19 @@
<para>Exit at the end of the file when started
with <code>-d</code>.</para>
+ </subsystem>
+ <subsystem>
+ <name>varnishadm</name>
- - timeout support
- - secret support
- - handle cli banner
+ <change type="enh">
+ <para><code>varnishadm</code> can now have a timeout when trying
+ to connect to the running <code>varnishd</code>.</para>
+ </change>
+ <change type="enh">
+ <para><code>varnishadm</code> now knows how to respond to the
+ secret from a secured <code>varnishd</code></para>
+ </change>
+ </subsystem>
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