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Current limits:

the number of references to the Service: 10,000 references per day;
the volume of the text translated: 1,000,000 characters per day.

Currently supported languages by Yandex Trranslate API:

ru: "Russian",
en: "English",
pl: "Polish",
hu: "Hungarian",
uk: "Ukrainian",
de: "German",
fr: "French",
be: "Belarusian",
sq: "Albanian",
es: "Spanish",
it: "Italian",
hy: "Armenian",
da: "Danish",
pt: "Portuguese",
sk: "Slovak",
sl: "Slovenian",
nl: "Dutch",
bg: "Bulgarian",
ca: "Catalan",
hr: "Croatian",
cs: "Czech",
el: "Greek",
no: "Norwegian",
mk: "Macedonian",
sv: "Swedish",
fi: "Finnish",
et: "Estonian",
lv: "Latvian",
lt: "Lithuanian",
tr: "Turkish",
ro: "Romanian",
sr: "Serbian",
az: "Azerbaijani"

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