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// DeviceState.swift
// StarterProject
// Created by Stephen Schiffli on 5/3/18.
// Copyright © 2018 MBIENTLAB, INC. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import MetaWear
import MetaWearCpp
import BoltsSwift
protocol LogHandlers: class {
func temperatureEntry(_ device: MetaWear, timestamp: Date, entry: Float)
class DeviceState: Codable {
// Supplied variables
let temperaturePeriodMsec: UInt32
// MetaWear ID's - saved from board response
var temperatureTimerId: UInt8 = 0xFF
var temperatureLogId: UInt8 = 0xFF
// Entire c++ metawear board state
var serializedState: [UInt8] = []
init(temperaturePeriodMsec: UInt32) {
self.temperaturePeriodMsec = temperaturePeriodMsec
func setup(_ device: MetaWear) -> Task<()> {
var thermistorSignal: OpaquePointer!
// Get a the onboard thermistor if it exists
return device.getThermistorSignal().continueOnSuccessWithTask { signal -> Task<OpaquePointer> in
thermistorSignal = signal
// Create a timer that will be used to periodically read the temperature signal
return device.timerCreate(period: self.temperaturePeriodMsec)
}.continueOnSuccessWithTask { timer -> Task<Void> in
self.temperatureTimerId = mbl_mw_timer_get_id(timer)
// Start the timer, this even will fire every temperaturePeriodMsec
// Now put the SDK in recording mode, all SDK calls between
// mbl_mw_event_record_commands and eventEndRecord will be
// programmed to the MetaWear and invoked each time 'timer' fires
// All we want the timer to do is read the temperature
// Finish up the event
return timer.eventEndRecord()
}.continueOnSuccessWithTask { _ -> Task<OpaquePointer> in
// Now we setup the MetaWear to log all reads of thermistorSignal
return thermistorSignal.datasignalLog()
}.continueOnSuccessWith { logger in
self.temperatureLogId = mbl_mw_logger_get_id(logger)
// Enable the logging module
mbl_mw_logging_start(device.board, 0)
// Save the state of the MetaWear object on the Apple device so we can restore and download later
self.serializedState = device.serialize()
class func loadForDevice(_ device: MetaWear) -> DeviceState? {
guard let data = try? Data(contentsOf: device.uniqueUrl) else {
return nil
return try? JSONDecoder().decode(DeviceState.self, from: data)
func saveToUrl(_ url: URL) {
let data = try! JSONEncoder().encode(self)
try! data.write(to: url, options: [.atomic, .completeFileProtectionUntilFirstUserAuthentication])
// Helper functions that task-ify the C interface
extension MetaWear {
func getThermistorSignal() -> Task<OpaquePointer> {
guard mbl_mw_metawearboard_lookup_module(board, MBL_MW_MODULE_TEMPERATURE) != MODULE_TYPE_NA else {
return Task<OpaquePointer>(error: MetaWearError.operationFailed(message: "No temperature module"))
for channel in 0..<mbl_mw_multi_chnl_temp_get_num_channels(board) {
if mbl_mw_multi_chnl_temp_get_source(board, channel) == MBL_MW_TEMPERATURE_SOURCE_PRESET_THERM {
let tempSignal = mbl_mw_multi_chnl_temp_get_temperature_data_signal(board, channel)!
return Task<OpaquePointer>(tempSignal)
return Task<OpaquePointer>(error: MetaWearError.operationFailed(message: "could not create conter"))
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