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The Retrograde Game Engine

Copyright Mike Bierlee 2014-2023
Version 0.0.0
Licensed under the terms of the MIT license - See LICENSE.txt

Retrograde is a general purpose game engine. Currently it is in alpha state and not fit for production. Many usual engine systems are missing or incomplete.

This is yet another redo of the engine, this time focussing on portability and web-compatibility.

This README will be extended further once the engine matures more.

Version Conditions

The following table lists all version conditions available and used by Retrograde.

Version Description
Native Include native implementations. Do not use this if you want to build for the web.
WebAssembly Include WebAssembly implementations. Do not use for native builds. Some compilers will implicitly add this when targeting WASM.
Windows Include implementations for Windows. Typically added by compiler when targeting Windows.
UnitTesting Include the engine's unit tests in build. By NOT specifying this the compiler will properly optimize them out of your (release) build.
MemoryDebug When included, issues related to memory allocation will be printed. Normally only needed to debug issues with the game engine itself.
OpenGLES3 Use the OpenGL ES 3 render API. Available in WebAssembly (via WebGL2) and native.