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Implements Create, Read, Update, and Delete methods for javascript objects.

All functions below are methods of a Jscrud object.

  • Create:

    Records are created by calling the createRecord(item) method, with a JSON object as the sole argument. This item will be indexed and stored in memory.

  • Read:

    Read records by calling readRecord(item), with a JSON object having any key:value pairs you wish to query on. Returns an array of all objects matching all of that object's values.

  • Update:

    Update records by calling updateRecord(exampleItem, updatedKeyValues), the example item, as with readRecord, is a simple JSON object of the patter you wish to find, updatedKeyValues is an object with key:values you wish to insert into the object being updated. Information can be added or overridden in this way; currently it cannot be deleted from objects.

  • Delete:

    Delete records by calling deleteRecord(item), which will match the object given as a parameter and delete any stored item that matches it.