cssFx inserts vendor prefixes for CSS3 properties.
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cssFx automatically adds vendor-specific prefixes (-moz, -webkit, -ms, and -o) to CSS3 properties that need them. It's tiny (5K) and has no external dependencies.

Properties Supported

Border radius, box shadow, flex box, RGBA, linear gradients, multiple columns, border image, transforms, transitions, opacity, inline-block, ellipsis, and more.


  • Include a script tag in your source:
<script src="cssfx.min.js"></script>
  • Give any external stylesheets you want processed the "cssfx" class:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="cssfx.css" class="cssfx">

Browsers Supported

  • Firefox 3+
  • Chrome 1+
  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Safari 3+
  • Opera 9+

Important Considerations

  • IE and other browsers remove either unknown properties or properties with unknown values. To guarantee that all properties are parsed, link your stylesheet externally.
  • To prevent FOUC (flash of unstyled content), place cssfx.js immediately under the stylesheet tags.
  • cssFx adds the prefixes necessary to enable CSS3 functionality in supporting browsers, it doesn't simulate it (e.g. border-radius in IE6).


cssFx is provided under the BSD license. Commercial and personal use is permitted.


  • AMD compatibility (0.9.8)
  • Debug view (0.9.9)
  • Media queries, API documentation (1.0)