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To get ultra fast CMD-R results in textmate you need to patch the run_script.rb that comes with textmate:
cd /Applications/
patch -p0 < wherever_snailgun_was_installed/textmate.patch
To run test in never before seen speed simply cd into your rails-app (tested with rails 3) and say:
> snailgun
the output should read something like:
Now entering subshell for RAILS_ENV=test. Use 'exit' to terminate snailgun
Server starting for RAILS_ENV=test
.. some seconds later ...
Server ready for RAILS_ENV=test
Now you can either use fruby instead of ruby to start tests "by hand":
fruby -Itest test/unit/your_test.rb
or - in TextMate - simply navigate to your_test.rb and hit CMD-R
enjoy! 20101024 at #rchh
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