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This is a plugin for Tiny Tiny RSS (tt-rss). It allows you to replace an article's contents by the contents of an element on the linked URL's page, i.e. create a "full feed".

‼️ Since I don't use Tiny Tiny RSS anymore, this project is abandoned for now. ‼️

Please have a look at the FeedIron plugin by @m42e.


Checkout the directory into your plugins folder like this (from tt-RSS root directory):

$ cd /var/www/ttrss
$ git clone git:// plugins/af_feedmod

Then enable the plugin in preferences.


The configuration is done in JSON format. In the preferences, you'll find a new tab called FeedMod. Use the large field to enter/modify the configuration data and click the Save button to store it.

A configuration looks like this:


"": {
    "type": "xpath",
    "xpath": "div[@class='meldung_wrapper']",
    "force_charset": "utf-8"
"": {
    "type": "xpath",
    "xpath": "div[@class='bacontent']"
"": {
    "type": "xpath",
    "xpath": "div[@class='news']"
"golem0Bde0C": {
    "type": "xpath",
    "xpath": "article"
"oatmeal": {
    "type": "xpath",
    "xpath": "div[@id='comic']"
"": {
    "type": "xpath",
    "xpath": "div[@class='entry-content']",
    "cleanup": [ "header", "footer" ],


The array key is part of the URL of the article links(!). You'll notice the golem0Bde0C in the last entry: That's because all their articles link to something like and to have the plugin match that URL and not interfere with other feeds using, I used the part golem0Bde0C.

type has to be xpath for now. Maybe there will be more types in the future.

The xpath value is the actual Xpath-element to fetch from the linked page. Omit the leading // - they will get prepended automatically.

If type was set to xpath there is an additional option cleanup available. Its an array of Xpath-elements (relative to the fetched node) to remove from the fetched node. Omit the leading // - they will get prepended automatically.

force_charset allows to override automatic charset detection. If it is omitted, the charset will be parsed from the HTTP headers or loadHTML() will decide on its own.

If you get an error about "Invalid JSON!", you can use JSONLint to locate the erroneous part.



To test your XPath expressions, you can use these Chrome extensions:


Some XPath expressions you could need (the // is automatically prepended and must be omitted in the FeedMod configuration):

HTML5 <article> tag
DIV inside DIV
<div id="content"><div class="box_content">…article…</div></div>`
Multiple classes
<div class="post-body entry-content xh-highlight">…article…</div>
//div[starts-with(@class ,'post-body')]


//div[contains(@class, 'entry-content')]


Article Filter plugin for Tiny-Tiny-RSS to replace article stubs by website contents.



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