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Facebook-inspired color scheme for Sublime
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Facebook Color Scheme

Originally based on Facebook's 2012 iOS app, this theme features Facebook's typical washed up blues and pastels. Some colors were later highlighted, resulting in a more vibrant and technical look.


  • Use with Blackbird for Sublime. Blackbird also includes packages for Markdown and Coffeescript with better support for this color scheme

  • In modern typography, various features are used to improve readibility of your documents. In addition to different colors, you are provided with different sizes of fonts, weights, italics, kerned-type, leading or paragraph-specific leading. In lack of software with such features, try Sublime with Monaco Lives font at 13 - 14 px (part of Blackbird).

  • Code that smells nice is a code that looks nice.

  • For a lighter look, try Bluebird & Github theme.


Inspired by 2012 Facebook app for iOS.








Facebook Color Scheme is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. You are free to share and remix the scheme, however please abide by the license terms when doing so.

The following details apply to the Creative Commons license "author specified" components:

  • Attribution example: Based on mbixby/facebook-color-scheme (

  • Naming guidelines: If you create and distribute a derivative theme, please give your theme a name that indicates that the theme is a derivation, for example "tom's-facebook-color-scheme" or "facebook-color-scheme-gamma" (please make a pull request to this repo instead of forking a new version)

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