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Strict mode for example matching? #158

mockdeep opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I think it would be pretty handy when mutating classes to fail mutation testing if there isn't a strict example group match. For example if I have the method Foo::Bar#baz, then there has to be an example group that matches it. Examples on Foo or Foo::Bar would be ignored.

@mbj mbj added the enhancement label
mbj commented

So currently we only have strict example group matches. When I add non strict matching with fallback I'll add a warning message. Tagging this ticket as enhancement.

@mbj mbj referenced this issue from a commit
@mbj Push down test selection and add framework for output capture
This clearly is a WIP. We know have the reporter granularity to capture
per mutation test outputs + per mutation test selections.

This adds all infrastructure to address:

* #185 we know which tests are run in reporter
* #180 fine grained information available for the reporter
* #178 minitest project integration only needs to return an enumerable
  with metadata
* #174 We can now "see" all test, allowing to generate a default
* #158 Ability to steer test selection centralized for all integrations
* #125 We have the required objects in graph
* #96 We have finer granularity in reporter graph

Because we know signal more complex state from killforks to parent I
need to bring back killfork partent signalling, but this time with
sending complex data around (Test::Report). Should be easy with
Marshal.{dump,load} but my OSS time budget is exhausted for now.
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