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Optional argument in between regular arguments does not get reproduced #31

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When having a function with an optional argument in the list of arguments the order gets destroyed.

def foo(bar1, bar2 = false, bar3)

gets converted to

def foo(bar1, bar3)

An example can be found here:

git clone
bundle install
mutant -I lib --rspec-dm2 -r zero "::Zero::Renderer#initialize"

This is a so called "noop fail". Prior to mutations on a subject mutant injects unmodified code (or at least what it thinks is unmodified code) to test the AST to source converter. This is basically a bug on to_source.

ToSource.to_source('def foo(bar, baz=:fuu, other; end'.to_ast) => "def foo(bar, other)"

This is fixed with the upcoming release. See mbj/unparser@13168f5

@mbj mbj closed this
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