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[WIP] Mutator configuration #138

wants to merge 20 commits into from

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mbj commented Dec 8, 2013

Opening early for discussing.

Its NOT ready misses to connect options with CLI.

Adds the infrastructure to fix:

And all similar "I wanna be able to remove mutation X" - requests.

added some commits Dec 7, 2013
@mbj Add config object to mutator state
Next commits will provide config object from callsides. The config
object is currently empty.

The config object is passed to all children mutators. Currently no
mutator public interface was modified so no spec changes. With next
commits we have public visible stuff so specs will be adjusted.
@mbj Move Mutator context and config to dedicated file ff7205d
@mbj Refactor outer interface of mutator to allow injection of context wit…
…h config
@mbj Fix comment 0d329df
@mbj Allow injection of Mutator::Context also for utility mutators 78b7985
@mbj Add Mutator::Config::DEFAULT 098b759
@mbj Style and vim typo fixes 2802835
@mbj Adjust reek config beae659
@mbj Steer return value propagation via config objects
* Change util mutators to hide themselves from the context parent chain
  this allows to use parent_type helpers in all node mutators

* This is the OO API feature fix for #10. CLI flags are still missing.
@mbj Remove *.gem from gitignore b68b550
@mbj Adjust flay score f8e0f06
@mbj Add a spec that proves last expression is picked for return value pro…
…pagation config

Very artificial but hey, lets try to be most correct as possible.
@mbj Fix whitespace 7dcd1a8
@mbj Merge branch 'master' into mutator-config
@mbj Merge branch 'master' into mutator-config 87000d0
@mbj Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into mutator-config 6f44935
@mbj Merge branch 'master' into mutator-config 5ab7ffc
@mbj Merge branch 'master' into mutator-config 56a90cd
@mbj Fix requires 4d20a46
@mbj Fix rspec expectations 248131e
@mbj mbj added the enhancement label Apr 26, 2014
mbj commented Jul 12, 2014

I'm closing this PR as the feature will be easier to reimplement on top of master than to painfully rebase it.

@mbj mbj closed this Jul 12, 2014
@mbj mbj deleted the mutator-config branch Jul 12, 2014
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