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DDSL Command Line Tool

What is this?

DDSL is implemented using Scala and is easy to include in your Scala/Java application, but if you are using a none-JVM-language, or just loves the command-line, your can use ddsl-cmdline-tool.

How to use it

You can launch ddsl-cmdline-tool in a childprocess from your own app/process. As long as you make sure that you kill (or it dies) if you die or quit, then you are fine.

Have a look at this Ruby-wrapper to see how it can be done in ruby (Thanks to Bjørn Arild Mæland)

If you are using serviceUp it is important to kill/quit ddsl-cmdline-tool if your app dies/quits, to make sure your service is taken offline.

You communicate with ddsl-cmdline-tool using stdin/stdout in a simple telnet-ish protocol using json.

You can of course lanch it directly from the shell to test it.

All commands are newline-terminated.

All commands reply with only one line! If success, it is on the form

ok <result>\n

And if not success:

error <error text>\n

Some examples

Download it or build it...

Start it:

java -jar ddsl-cmdline-tool_2.10-0.3.4-one-jar.jar

How to get help?

Type the command 'help' (then enter):


Which prints out this help with available commands and example json:

ok Available commands:
setZookeeperHosts ["localhost:2181",""]
getBestServiceLocation {"sid":{"environment":"test","serviceType":"telnet","name":"telnetServer","version":"0.1"},"cid":{"environment":"Client env","name":"client name","version":"version","ip":"ip-address"}}
getServiceLocations {"sid":{"environment":"test","serviceType":"telnet","name":"telnetServer","version":"0.1"},"cid":{"environment":"Client env","name":"client name","version":"version","ip":"ip-address"}}
serviceUp {"id":{"environment":"test","serviceType":"http","name":"cmd-tool","version":"0.1"},"sl":{"url":"http://localhost:4321/hi","quality":1.0,"lastUpdated":1347398923243,"ip":""}}
serviceDown {"id":{"environment":"test","serviceType":"http","name":"cmd-tool","version":"0.1"},"sl":{"url":"http://localhost:4321/hi","quality":1.0,"lastUpdated":1347398923243,"ip":""}}
setFallbackUrlsMap {"ServiceId(test,telnet,telnetServer,0.1)":"","ServiceId(test,http,BarServer,1.0)":""}

The commands are a one-to-one-mapping to the methods found in DdslClient


Send:     getAllAvailableServices\n
Receive:  ok [{"id":{"environment":"test","serviceType":"telnet","name":"telnetServer","version":"0.1"},"locations":[{"url":"telnet://localhost:40039","quality":0.0,"lastUpdated":1347396898000,"ip":""},{"url":"telnet://localhost:40080","quality":0.0,"lastUpdated":1347396537000,"ip":""}]}]

Use 'setZookeeperHosts' when configuring the list of zookeeper-nodes

Good luck :)