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Maven deptools plugin

Maven deptools plugin – Supports Maven 3

  • Now also as an enforcer-plugin rule

Maven 2 and Maven 3 plugin which gives build error if maven resolves transient dependencies
in such a way that the none-newest version is chosen.

At work we have all kinds of different dependencies problems related to transient

Transient dependencies has many downsides, but in my opinion, the alternative is worse.

This plugin makes it possible to have the build process fail if not the newest
version of a referred dependency is selected by mavens dependency resolving.

It is possible to include/exclude which artifacts should be included in the check.

This will make it possible for us to check dependency resolving for all
inhouse APIs and projects..

The plugin is written in Scala

(PS: maven must run with java 1.6 for the plugin to work)

See README and RELEASE for more info