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go-script-bash v1.7.0

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@mbland mbland released this 08 Oct 19:25
· 7 commits to main since this release

This is a minor update to add a few test helpers, _GO_PLATFORM variables and the ./go goinfo command, several file system processing modules, and a handful of project improvements.

The ./go script: a unified development environment interface


A ./go script aims to abstract away many of the steps needed to develop (and sometimes deploy) a software project. It is a replacement for READMEs and other documents that may become out-of-date, and when maintained properly, should provide a cohesive and discoverable interface for common project tasks.

The ./go script idea came from Pete Hodgson's blog posts In Praise of the ./go Script: Part I and Part II.

Note: The ./go script concept is completely unrelated to the Go programming language, though the Go language's go command encapsulates many common project functions in a similar fashion.

This software is made available as Open Source software under the ISC License. If you'd care to contribute to this project, be it code fixes, documentation updates, or new features, please read the file.

What's new in this release

All of the issues and pull requests for this release are visible in the v1.7.0 milestone.

./go null

The ./go null command verifies that the framework is installed and functioning properly (#190).

New test helpers

There are a few powerful new test helper functions:

  • create_forwarding_script (#192, #195): Used to create a wrapper in BATS_TEST_BINDIR to make a system program accessible while restricting PATH via PATH="$BATS_TEST_BINDIR".
  • restore_programs_in_path (#196): Allows a single call to remove multiple command stub scripts.
  • run_test_script (#196): Creates and runs a test script in one step, so that create_bats_test_script and run need not be called separately.
  • run_bats_test_suite (#196): A specialized version of run_test_script specifically for generating and running Bats test cases.
  • run_bats_test_suite_in_isolation (#196): An even more specialized version of run_bats_test_suite to ensure that PATH is restricted to BATS_TEST_BINDIR and the Bats libexec/ directory within the suite.
  • lib/bats/background-process (#197): Helpers for managing and validating background processes.
  • skip_if_none_present_on_system (#198): Skips a test if none of the specified system programs are available.

_GO_PLATFORM vars and ./go goinfo command

The lib/platform module introduced in #200 provides an interface to detect on which system the script is running. Is parses /etc/os-release if it's available; otherwise uses OSTYPE, uname -r, and sw_vers -productVersion (on macOS).

The ./go goinfo command introduced in #216 uses the lib/platform module to print version information about the go-script-bash framework, Bash, and the host operating system:

$ ./go goinfo

_GO_CORE_VERSION:         v1.7.0
BASH_VERSION:             4.4.12(1)-release
OSTYPE:                   darwin16.3.0
_GO_PLATFORM_ID:          macos

File system processing modules

Introduced in #201, @go.native_file_path_or_url from lib/portability converts a file system path or file:// URL to a platform-native path. This is necessitated by MSYS2, especially Git for Windows, which has system programs which expect Windows-native paths as input, or whose output will reflect Windows-native paths. It's used in several tests, as well as the ./go get command.

The lib/path module introduced in #203 and #206 includes functions to canonicalize file system paths, resolve symlinks, and walk directories.

lib/fileutil from #204 and updated in #207 and #210 contains functions to safely create directories (with extensive error reporting), to collect all the regular files within a directory structure, to safely copy all files into a new directory structure, and to safely mirror directories using tar.

lib/diff from #205 contains functions to log or edit differences between files and directory trees.

lib/archive from #211 contains the @go.create_gzipped_tarball convenience function to easily and safely create .tar.gz archive files.

Project improvements

The project now contains a GitHub issue and pull request templates, a GitHub CODEOWNERS file, and an Appveyor build to ensure Windows compatibility. See:

Bug fixes

  • stub_program_in_path (#194): Now ensures that new stubs are passed to hash. Previously, if a command had already been invoked, Bash would remember its path, and ignore the new stub.

Changes since v1.6.0

You can see the details of every change by issuing one or more of the following commands after cloning:

$ ./go changes v1.6.0 v1.7.0
$ gitk v1.6.0..v1.7.0