[DEPRECATED] Builds http://jsonresume.org/ JSON schema from your LinkedIn profile.
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[DEPRECATED] JSON resume LinkedIn builder

Deprecated due to changes in LinkedIn API

Dependencies NPM version


Builds a valid resume.json file based on http://jsonresume.org/ schema by drawing data from your LinkedIn profile (example).

After building you can publish your resume using:

resume publish

(given you have resume-cli installed globally)


git clone https://github.com/mblarsen/resume-linkedin.git


npm install resume-linkedin ; cd resume-linkedin


Setup an application on LinkedIn.

  1. OAuth 2.0 Redirect URLs enter a callback URL, the host can be anything (we'll add the host to your hosts file), but the path must be /oauth/linkedin/callback. E.g. http://resume.example.com/oauth/linkedin/callback.

  2. Edit the config.js file and enter you API Key and Secret Key. In host enter the same value you used above. E.g. http://resume.example.com/.

  3. Add a line with host to to /etc/hosts/. E.g. resume.example.com

  4. npm start and follow instructions.

  5. Adjust your resume. It is likely that the skills section needs work.

  6. Profit!


  • Error and validation handling.
  • Make it run headless.